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Classical Bazi & Shen Sha Date Selection


- by Master JO CHING

Our Graduates


  • "Crystal clear explanation by Master Jo Ching on the Tong Shu,12 Jian Chu Deities method and 28 Constellation method. This course provides comprehensive tools for one to select date professionally."
    Raymond Lim, Singapore
  • "Straight forward teaching, patient to share background/origins without being overly boring."
    Tan Chun Keong, Singapore
  • "Practical and well-guided steps to date selection."
    Yap Hock Lee, Singapore
  • "Excellent information and knowledge in reading Tong Shu. I am able to apply immediately and choose a good date for certain activities."
    Budy Santosa, Indonesia
  • "Well prepared and comprehensive course note, Master Jo is able to select and prioritize the most important criteria for date selection. This course also allows me to have a better picture on the Calendar system and not associate it with superstition."
    Lo Kai Jie, Singapore
  • "Authentic Technical Knowledge with clear explanation, Master Jo Ching definitely delivers."
    Laurence Yap, Philippines
  • "Comprehensive coverage of the topic and valuable sharing by Master Jo."
    Sam Tan, Singapore
  • "Step by step with clear example, course is easy to understand and taught in a friendly style."
    Kitti Ongcunarak, Thailand
  • "Very structured with step by step instructions for us to choose an auspicious and good wedding date. Trainer is very patient and willing to share with all the participants."
    Ti Edwin, Singapore
  • "The course assist me to clear any doubts that I have in date selection and with so many information provided, it make it very easy for me to calculate an auspicious date for my client."
    Bernard Chan, Singapore


What is the purpose of selecting an auspicious date and time every time we want to carry out an important activity? In ancient time, the basis of doing so started off as a basic need for our survival as a human race. Ever since the ancient Chinese developed the system for measuring time, picking a good timing for important event has been an integral part of our lifestyle. In gist, we want to be able to choose an auspicious timing to perform a task so that it will increase our chances of success. In today's context, the importance and practice of auspicious date selection continues to permeate at all different levels of society. From wedding event to religious practice, opening ceremony to contract signing, most people prefer to follow a good timing indicated on the Chinese almanac in order to have a good head start. However, many are not savvy in using the Chinese almanac or what we call Tong Shu. With this in mind, Chinese Date Selection Expert, Master Jo Ching, has come up with this 1-day course to impart on students the salient features of Tong Shu, modern applications and how he goes through the stringent selection procedure for Wedding date and time. After this class, you will immediately be able to help your friends pick a good date & time for signing of ROM, Guo Da Li, An Chuan, Tea ceremony and others important occasions.
  • Understanding of Chinese Calendar Systems + Folklores
  • Salient Features of Yellow Calendar & Tong Shu
  • 12 Jian Chu Deities Concept & Application
  • 28 Constellations Concept & Application
  • Wedding Date Selection Golden Principles
  • Do's and Don'ts in Modern Context
  • Relevant Shen Sha for ROM and Customary (tea ceremony/banquet)
  • The Encompassing Hallway of Wedding [嫁娶周堂]
  • Yellow and Black Path Days
  • Date Selection for Various Events (Start work after CNY, Move into New House, Sign Contract, etc.)
  •        What are the types of calendar system that are adopted by Chinese since the ancient time?
  •        If it is a myth or truth that Blind Year (寡妇年) is inauspicious for wedding event?
  •        Why Lunar Calendar sometimes has 13th month?
  •        Are there such thing known as Double Spring Year?
  •        What are the wedding dates that will lead to a clash between the Bride and her in-laws?
  •        Traditional date selection of wedding tea ceremony involves 6 parties?
  •        The Do's and Dont's to observe during a wedding event?
  •        How to read the Yellow Calendar that is still used by our grandparents today?
  •        Any auspicious date has to be personalised to the bride and groom?
  •        What does the "Deity of Foetus" on the calendar mean?
  •        How to predict the country's rainfall and harvest based on Tong Shu?
What's so special
this course?

The FIRST and ONLY course in Singapore that teaches you how to interpret the salient features in the Tong Shu.

Learn the professional ways of picking auspicious date and time for wedding ceremony and ROM based on ancient Traditional Wedding Classics.

We debunk the myths and superstitions associated with Chinese Wedding and Folklores.