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Gateway to Destiny & Feng Shui


- by Master JO CHING

Our Gateway to Destiny & Feng Shui Graduates


  • "Overview of several subjects & good for someone who knows nothing about chinese metaphysics. This course allow me to understand the basics of feng shui."
    Cynthia Low, Singapore
  • "At least I know what is the 'naked eyes' Feng Shui after attending this course. Interesting and easy to understand!"
    Josephine, Singapore
  • "I get to understand something more about the different aspects of Chinese Metaphysics, esp. QMDJ. Master Jo Ching adopts a direct approach, gives lots of examples & very informative."
    Matthew Lim, Singapore
  • "Important point are summarized out. This course provide me more understanding regarding Chinese Metaphysics. Master Jo is straight to the point, patient and willing to share with all participants."
    Terence Yong, Singapore
  • "I like the practical style of it. Although I already knew something about these topics, but Master Jo is able to provide a different perspective and explained in a new way. It was an eye-opening experience to me."
    Nina Wolther, Norway
  • "Everything are interesting and practical tips to use for layman. I like it very much especially on the Feng Shui part in selecting a property."
    Tan Hai Shen, Singapore
  • "This course has everything for a complete picture about Chinese Metaphysics.
    Gregory Ciocson, Philippines
  • "This course is informative & content packed. Supported by lots of real-life examples. After this course, I am able to apply the concepts straight away at home and workplace."
    Lim Poh Heng, Singapore
  • "Learnt something with regards to Face Reading & BaZi. I love how we can apply the concept straight away."
    Adwin Ang, Singapore
  • This course is straight forward and I am able to read my own BaZi and is more aware of the flaws that I should look out for. Definitely would recommend it to my friends.
    June Tang, Singapore
  • "Good bird's eye view of Chinese Metaphysics on different area."
    Tong Mun Kit, Singapore


One of our academy's mission in 2016 is to reach out to more lay people who wish to understand the ancient Chinese Metaphysics more in depth and also be able to apply some of these knowledge in their daily life to help themselves, their friends and loved ones to improve their life.

We want to make the learning process of this art fun and useful so that participants are able to walk away and apply immediately after the class. We note that for some people, their objective is not to specialise in certain feng shui subjects at the onset but rather to equip themselves with some good practical tips to help them solve their problems at home or at work.

With this in mind, Master Trainer of Destiny Academy, Jo Ching, has specially formulated a course that is holistic in nature so that participants are able to learn and have a few different flavours or disciplines of Chinese Metaphysics within 2 days.

What do you walk away with in this 2-day class?

1. Urban Feng Shui (Know how to choose a Good House from your Naked Eyes)

2. Bazi (Learn the logic and perform basic analyses of own Chart)

3.Qi Men Dun Jia (Locate your Personal Lucky Direction from own Qi Men chart)

4. Date Selection (Know how to select Good Date and Time from Tong Shu)

5. Face Reading (Know how to analyse fortune from your face and body movements)

6. I-Ching Divination (Analyse your own Hexagram + use time on your watch or smart phone to get an answer from heaven)

1 Segment
  • BaZi & Fortune:
  • Intensive Fundamentals
  • Identifying Wealth, Spouse, Children & Boss stars
  • Important Shen Sha 神煞
2 Segment
  • Feng Shui:
  • Basic Landform Principles
  • Property Selection for Landed, High Rise, Shops
  • 24 Mountain Application
  • Annual Flying Stars Analysis
3 Segment
  • Face Reading
  • Identifying & Analysing fortune of 12 Palaces
  • 5 Important Features 五官
  • Assessing Wealth, Spouse, Children & Boss Luck on face
4 Segment
  • Date Selection
  • Chinese Calendar Systems
  • Rules for Date Selection
  • The ABCs of Yellow Calendar 黄历
  • Jian Chu 12 Deities Method
5 Segment
  • I-Ching & Personal QMDJ
  • Analyse your own Hexagram
  • Use time on your watch or smart phone to get an answer from heaven
  • Locate your Personal Lucky Direction from own Qi Men chart
  • Ushering Luck using Qi Men Dun Jia (Bonus Topic)
    What's so special
    this course?

    One course that expose you to multiple subjects in Chinese Metaphysics

    A good platform for lay people who wish to kickstart their pursue in Chinese Metaphysics