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Qi Men Dun Jia & Zodiac Forecast For Water Rabbit Year 2023 (Zoom Seminar – 10 December 2022)

For the 2nd Year running, Destiny Academy will be bringing to you the annual outlook seminar online via Zoom.
And we are proud to present to you our academy’s Trainer, Master Anna Zarasyan (Australia), and our Senior Consultant, Master Melvin Sua (Philippines) as the speakers of the online seminar.
First, Master Anna, who is our Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny Oracle Teacher, will be revealing to you lots of exclusive information and insightful predictions for Year of Water Rabbit during the session and the main agenda is as follow:
1. 2023 Global Forecast on:
  • Society, politics and economy in 2023
  • New trends in real estate, stock markets and commodities
  • Health & lifestyle adjustments in 2023
  • Job & career changes in 2023
    2. Qi Men Dun Jia Hexagram Forecast for 2023
    3. Your personal BaZi luck in 2023 according to Heavenly Stems
    4. Qi Men Feng Shui Qi Distribution for your Home & Office
    5. How to deal with the uncertainties
    6. Audience Q&A.
Then, our next speaker, Master Melvin, will be sharing with you your personal outlook for the 12 Animal Signs including the auspicious and inauspicious stars that fly to your animal sign, the analyses and what are the things you can do to sail through the year.

Info for those who are keen to sign up:

Date:  10 December 2022, 11am to 2pm (Singapore time GMT +8)

Seminar Fee: SGD$98

Venue: Online Zoom (Your Camera has to be on at all time) *Link to the Seminar will be emailed to all participant one day before the event.

 1st Speaker: Master Dr Anna Zarasyan (Australia)
2nd Speaker: Master Melvin Sua (Philippines)
Facilitator: Master Jo Ching (Singapore)
Additional Note: The name you used to purchase on our record will be used for attendance checking and verification purpose, thus make sure you use the same name to login via zoom for entry.
*This is strictly a live Zoom Event and there will not be any replay!
Please email our Program Manager, Mr Lester, if you have any questions at:

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Chapter Highlights

  • 1st
    Qi Men Dun Jia Forecast 2023 by Master Dr. Anna Zarasyan
  • 2nd
    12 Zodiac Forecast 2023 By Master Melvin Sua