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    - by Master JO CHING

    Our Qi Men Dun Jia Practitioner Graduates


    • “What I like most about this course is the part on predicting phenomenon which is not taught elsewhere.”
      Vladimir, Russia
    • “Plenty of substance where most of them are not available from elsewhere. The Qi Men Dun Jia course information has definitely allowed me to have much more confidence in using the system. Jo Ching is humble and ready to share.”
      Hung Hin Cheong, Malaysia
    • “Heard about this subject many years but really impressed with what Qi Men can do and the results it can create. Master Jo’s research over the years and willing to share and put in the course for benefit of 有缘人 to study and use Qi Men is what I like.”
      Andrew Goh, Malaysia
    • “Comprehensive course package. Master Jo Ching is generous in sharing & teaching the material in a clear manner. The information as shared could boost Practitioner’s confidence in any chosen good day to practice metaphysics to the benefits of our clients.”
      Erwin Yap, Indonesia
    • “The course is something new to me, very interesting. It benefits me especially the part on the time selection. And Master Jo is friendly. I will introduce my friends to his course.”
      George Koh, Singapore
    • “What I like about the course is learning about the manifestation which is a fascinating knowledge and about the authentication of the knowledge that is passed and taught to us. I thank Master Jo for his genuine sharing and I see great possibilities for me to explore and research further with this knowledge given. Master Jo’s teaching is very classroom style.”
      Siou Foon Lee, Australia Sydney
    • “QMDJ phenomenon can be used to confirm the time selections and techniques to enhance Feng Shui Practice and QMDJ case studies. Master is systematic, organised and detailed. I highly recommend for serious practitioners to attend his course.”
      Leonard Tham, Malaysia
    • “I really love the software as it makes application much easier and practices so much easier. Information shared are useful for my practice, as a strategy tool and as an awareness tool towards the function of cosmos. I will encourage my friends to join his course.”
      Connie Sanchey, Mexico
    • “I like the applicability and meeting like-minded people. I can now go for negotiation with more confidence and apply a more concise date selection. Master Jo is patient, clear and concise.”
      Eanne Tan, Singapore
    • “It is a new and powerful way of date selection and it benefits me a lot. Master Jo is relaxed and open in his knowledge sharing.”
      Eddy Kusnan, Indonesia


    Qi Men Dun Jia has been regarded as one of the most sophisticated Chinese metaphysics due to its complex model but powerful and almost instantaneous manifestation of results. This system requires the users to have some fundamental understanding on the theories of Feng Shui, Date Selection and Bazi although one does not need to be highly skilled in those areas.

    Qi (奇) connotes oddity and Men (门) refers to door in Chinese but to put things in context, it actually means the energy governing human matters and there are 8 different types of Men. By the same token, there are 3 auspicious Qi or stems namely, Yi (乙), Bing (丙) and Ding (丁). Besides the Qi and Men, there are also other considering factors before deciding that that is the right timing to proceed in a specific direction to achieve the outcome that you want.

    It is an exceptionally unique and amazing system that combines time and spatial dimensions to help you achieve good luck. Not only does Qi Men Dun Jia tell you the specific auspicious hour to execute the task, it also suggests to you which direction to take so that all the positive energies embrace you when you are heading towards your destination. While you walk, you will also encounter phenomenon that you would have already expected earlier on when you are working on the chart.

    1 Day
    • Introduction:
    • Evolution of Qi Men Dun Jia
    • Types of Qi Men System
    • Our Source – Liu Bo Wen's Flying Palace Qi Men
    • Important Fundamentals:
    • Understanding Qi Men's and 24 Jie Qi
    • What is Qi , Men and Yi
    • 6 Xun
    • Why only 3 Qi are used
    • What makes up Qi Men Chart
    • Yin and Yang Dun 1080 Charts
    • Components of Qi Men Dun Jia:
    • Heaven Plate Stems
    • Earth Plate Stems
    • 8 Doors and Attributes + Functions
    • 9 Stars and Attributes + Functions
    • 8 Deities and Attributes + Functions
    • Purple White Stars
    • Steps in Plotting Flying Palace Qi Men Chart
    2 Day
    • Important Qi Men Formations:
    • Combo of Heaven Plate & Earth Plate Stems
    • Specific function of each stem
    • Auspicious Formation & Application
    • Inauspicious Formation and meaning
    • Fan Yin Fu Yin
    • Counter in and Counter out of Doors and Palaces
    3 Day
    • Application:
    • How to build Energy Field before the "Battle"
    • How to use Qi Men Battle for daily events like:
    • Negotiation
    • Sales Pitch
    • Seeking Noble People
    • Seeking Wealth and Investment
    • Borrow Money
    • Job Interview
    • Examinations
    • Romance and Dating
    • Seeking Medical Help
    • Travel
    • Predicting Phenomenon before the "Battle" [诸葛亮如何借东风]
    • Application in Feng Shui date selection
    • Dos and Don'ts of Qi Men Date Selection
    • Applying Qi Men Formations for Feng Shui use (renovation, burial, move bed and etc)
    • Practical – Students will adjourn to apply Qi Men Dun Jia outside classroom to predict and observe Phenomenon.
    • Fa Qi Men – How to use simple chant to find a carpark lot, taxi, escape from imminent danger, smooth travel, escape from wild dog and etc.
    DO YOU KNOW...
    •        You can use QMDJ in a 3-D manner, i.e., time and direction selection to usher good energy to help you succeed
    •        you can create the "wow" effect of fore-telling phenomenon in advance (like Zhu Ge Liang borrows eastern wind)
    •        Qi Men Dun jia can be used as a powerful date selection system for your feng shui activities to create result
    •        You can predict weather conditions like windy, rainy, gloomy, sunny, etc.
    •         You can use our bilingual software to do a simple yet accurate divination
    •        You can use Fa Qi Men to find carpark lot or dissolve a fishbone that got stuck in your throat
    •        Qi Men Dun Jia can help you to score well in exams and job interviews
    •        Qi Men Dun jia can be used for wealth enhancement
    •        Qi Men Dun Jia can be used for seeking blessing for divine and deities
    •        There are good directions to be used even it is a bad hour at that particular time
    •        Qi Men Dun Jia can be applied for both internal and external environment usage
    What's so special
    this course?

    Flying Palace Qi Men (instead of Rotating) 刘伯温飞宫奇门

    Follow San Yuan System – Upper, Middle, Lower Cycles 

    Follow Zhi Run Fa 置闰法 (used by royal families) instead of Cai Bu Fa (拆补法)

    Calendar (360 days) is accurately aligned with Solar Calendar (365.2422 days)

    Entails Purple White stars plate for Feng Shui application

    Powerful bilingual software with one-click to calculate phenomenon (save you time to learn manual plotting of chart)