Design & Build

Whether it is a factory building or landed property, we have a team of design and build professionals to help you build your dream home or factory. From conceptualization to official move in, every aspect of the property will be designed in accordance to the best feng shui.

Emphasis will be placed on the wealth, health and relationship (旺财旺丁,福贵双全). Our service, regardless if it is new construction or Addition and Alteration, will carefully calculate:

  • How the property receives the prosperous energy from the environment
  • How the main door is positioned
  • How the internal layout is planned
  • Kitchen and Stove position
  • Who to sleep in which bedroom and position of bed
  • Construction start date, move in date and opening ceremony

All feng shui consults are by appointments and please email our Master at joching@destinyasia.com.sg.