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About Our Academy

Our Vision:

Leading Academy for Feng Shui Excellence

“To learn is to live” is the motto of our academy.

There is no stupid question when comes to the learning of Chinese Metaphysics at Destiny Academy. We encourage you to ask the teacher and interact during lessons and even outside the class. We believe effective learning is only possible when the atmosphere is relax and everyone is open to discussion.

The objective and mission of the academy is to ensure that you will be equipped with good and practical Feng Shui skills so that you can recommend orthodox and effective solution to help yourself or your clients to enhance the luck. Besides, you can also consider having a career switch to become a Professional Feng Shui consultant if you wish to as the training that you will be receiving is comprehensive and practical-driven.

Many enthusiasts including veteran Feng Shui masters have traveled from all over the world to study at our academy.

Why? It is because:

  • The system and knowledge we teach is orthodox and they come from established lineage (tried & tested).


  • We believe in providing complete information instead of splitting up into too many modules. Knowing little is dangerous.


  • Our class is interactive and we ensure a good trainer-to-students ratio. Our friendly trainers answer all your questions during class and outside class.


  • Our teaching focuses on real-life applications and problem-solving. We believe in consistency in the concepts we impart and no ambiguity.


We welcome you to email us at academy@destinyasia.com.sg for any enquiries on our courses and free preview.

BaZi Semi-Pro
(01 & 02 Jun 2024)

BaZi or 4 Pillars of Destiny is a highly sophisticated Chinese Astrology System developed for Destiny Calculation....

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Urban City Yang House Feng Shui
(05 to 07 Jul 2024)

Feng Shui is not just about achieving harmony in one’s living environment. It is about achieving specific...

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BaZi Master Practitioner
(27 to 29 Jul 2024)

In our BaZi Master Practitioner Level, we aim to help you to scale to a new height...

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Qi Men Dun Jia (Art of War / Date Selection)
(23 to 25 Aug 2024)

Qi Men Dun Jia has been regarded as one of the most sophisticated Chinese metaphysics due...

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BaZi Ladies Life with Chinese Wedding Date Selection

This course provides an intriguing insight into one of the very core subjects of bazi – ladies'...

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Xuan Kong Liu Fa

Xuan Kong Liu Fa or also known as Xuan Kong 6 Methodologies was once a mysterious feng...

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Gateway to Destiny & Feng Shui

This course is specially designed for feng shui enthusiasts, novices and even lay people who have zero...

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King Wen I Ching Divination

What do you get if you marry BaZi with Yi Jing Hexagrams? The answer is King Wen...

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San Yuan Xuan Kong 64 Hexagrams & Auspicious 3-Killings Date Selection

San Yuan Xuan Kong 64 Hexagrams Date Selection System has been regarded as one of the most...

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What is the most advance level of Feng Shui? It will have to be the San Yuan...

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