Corporate & Business


Master Jo Ching has helped many companies and entrepreneurs to grow.

Not only is he able to design the entire office or factory space layout so that companies can enjoy prosperous feng shui, he also ensures an increase in sales opportunities.

Having helped so many business owners from all walks of industry such as construction, insurance, real estate, information technology, automobile, media, spa and beauty, moms and babies, textiles, recruitment and etc, Master Jo deeply understands the issues that his clients are facing and hence, prescribe his feng shui solution to make sure that the clients stay competitive and profitable.

Besides drumming up revenues for his clients, Master Jo is mindful that sometimes a company’s performance is hamstrung by their internal politics. With his feng shui calculation, he is able to size up the problems and then adopt a holistic approach in overcoming the issues.

You can be a new start-up or, SME or an MNC. Do contact us if you wish to engage us to boost your sales. We have helped many of our clients to:

  • Select the best feng shui office unit, retail shop and industrial space among your choices to make sure it matches with your type of business and luck cycle
  • Design the energy flow, layout of production and admin, table positioning of CEO and directors’ room
  • Design the optimal feng shui for HDB home office and Service office
  • Rectify existing feng shui problems that impede on your sales
  • Forecast Annual Luck
  • Analyse Personality of Key Appointments to be hired based on time of birth
  • Calculate auspicious date and time for Renovation and Opening Ceremony

All feng shui consults are by appointment and please email our company at joching@destinyasia.com.sg.

Thank you and we hope to be able to assist you to prosper.