When come to feng shui for houses, Master Jo Ching is well known as a skillful teacher in the industry and an expert who wows his clients with good tangible result.

Regardless on the types of properties, many clients have engaged him to:

  • Assess and advise on the optimal feng shui layout for their new home
  • Provide solutions to overcome existing challenges (health and money issues)
  • Advise on best feng shui unit to buy among those shortlisted (re-sale houses, BTO flats or condos)

What does it entail in the normal feng shui service package?

Master Jo will:

  • Visit your house to take his measurements and readings.
  • Assess and analyse the house feng shui so as to advise you on positioning of beds, stove, desk, water feature and altar (or solutions to overcome the issues faced).
  • Calculate and advise you on the appropriate room for children, parents, study and even home office.
  • Calculate and advise you on renovation start date and move-in date.
  • Advise you on move-in procedure and rule.
  • Fine tune your beds on actual date of moving in.

All feng shui consults are by appointment and please email our company at joching@destinyasia.com.sg.

Thank you and we hope to be able to assist you to prosper.