New Launch Condominium and HDB flats

For the first time in your life, you are buying a property. It is a very important decision to make since it will impact on you emotionally and financially. While the developer has presented the images of the development in a very nice artist impression, you wonder which one is the lucky house.

Once you have shortlisted a few apartments, it is advisable to check which one receives the best feng shui so that you and your family can enjoy a comfortable, harmonious and prosperous stay throughout.

Although the units have not been built, we are able to calculate and advise you based on the site plan and unit house plan which of your choices can bring good fortune to you.

So, what do we check?

Together with your estate plan, brochure and unit floor plans, Master Jo Ching will look into:

  • The direction of the unit to work out which unit receives the best energy at the door
  • Energy distribution in the house
  • Location of pool in relation to the unit for private development
  • Family members’ date of birth for matching
  • The best level to buy since not all level receive good energy

All feng shui consults are by appointments and please email our Master at joching@destinyasia.com.sg.