Auspicious BaZi for Baby

Have you ever wished that your child will excel in life and be outstanding among the peers?

As parents, we hope our child is able to have a good headstart and followed by a smooth-sailing life journey especially in areas like:

o Academic (able to graduate with a good degree from prestigious university)
o Career (be successful in their professional pursuit)
o Marriage (marries a supportive wife or a loving husband)

In addition, we also hope that they are healthy, filial and a person of good character.

Master Jo Ching, who is a renowned BaZi teacher, has done many cases for mummies who planned for C-section birth. He goes through a rigorous and detailed Bazi (destiny chart) selection process so that your baby is bestowed with a good Bazi the moment he or she is born. In addition, Master Jo will also factor in the precise Western astrological calculation so that he will further narrow down and provide you the best 20 minutes timeframe for your baby to be delivered. In this instance, your child’s destiny chart will receive “Best of the Best” that combines both Chinese Bazi and Western Astrology systems.

During the process of calculation, it is also of paramount importance that the baby’s Bazi does not clash with its parents, siblings and future offspring’s.

Remember, the destiny of your child lies in your hand.

All consults are by appointment and please email our Master at academy@destinyasia.com.sg.,

Please see the following flow chart on the procedure.

Bazi Selection For Baby