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BaZi Seminar in Malaysia: Authority Stars & Your Career Luck

Direct Officer 7 Killing

Is 7 Killing a Ghost or Gentleman in your Bazi?

BaZi Seminar: Authority Stars & Your Career Luck

The following topics will be covered in the 1-Day English Seminar.

• Bazi Important Basics
• Discover the Dominant Talent in Your Bazi
• Identify the Quality of Authority Star (DO/7K) in your Bazi
• Sizing up your Boss Attitudes towards you
• Suitability of Industries based on 5 Elements
• Suitability of Job Function based on 10-God
• Analysing Your Career Luck in 2016 and 2017

To find out more on the payment, exact venue and registration, please email Mr Lester Tan at academy@destinyasia.com.sg .

Thank you.