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    Urban City Yang House Feng Shui




    • "Very good and patient trainer who is more than willing to share and impact his knowledge with the participants."
      Matthew Lim, Singapore
    • "Able to correctly determine the facing and sitting direction of the property with the aid of many actual case studies. Master Jo teachings ensure all participants queries are answered and clarified."
      Kek Wei Chuan, Singapore
    • "The course teaching is straight to the point and the demonstration and practice in class allows all participant to try their hand to take measurement using the Luo Pan. I am able to apply the theory after the first day and identify validate issues for a particular house."
      Tan Hai Shen, Singapore
    • "We have learnt more than expected. Very Practical. I am able to now at least avoid and do some self-evaluation when buying a property."
      Goh Teng Fong, Singapore
    • "The course allows me to determine the QI distribution and movement within the property itself and I am able to apply and validate the flying star combination of each room accurately."
      Budy Santosa, Indonesia
    • Master Jo has delivered a detailed and concise feng shui course. He value adds to all participants by sharing insights and his experience over the years of auditing.
      Tan Kok Beng, Singapore
    • "Real life cases backed by statistics to prove the formula are correct and accurate. His teaching is direct and straight to the point"
      Tong Mun Kit, Singapore
    • "I am able to appreciate flying stars in a different perspective which we cannot find in any other books. Lots of interesting and practical examples are shared in class."
      Terence Ng, Singapore
    • "A lot of easy to use technique plus good explanation by Master Jo Ching. After the course, I am able to identify what are the good and bad sectors of the flying star chart."
      Chan Wai Hoe, Singapore


    Feng Shui is not just about achieving harmony in one’s living environment. It is about achieving specific goals.

    This is a course where students learn all the essential Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui principles as well as how to use the Luo Pan within this 3-day intensive program. Xuan Kong Feng Shui focuses on timeliness of energies and it is effective in diagnosing who in the house will benefit or suffer from certain issues. Most importantly, it will tell you the year that when the problems will trigger.

    Participant can also volunteer their house for practical session on the 3rd day.

    Our graduates will be equipped with practical Feng Shui techniques after this class that allow them to have a career switch to become a Professional Feng Shui consultant if they wish to. The course itself covers the fundamentals and the advance concepts.

    Under the tutelage of Jo Ching, he will equip you with the techniques to diagnose and tackle specific real-life issues like (just to list a few):

    • Difficulties in Having Babies
    • Sickness & Ailments
    • Financial Difficulties
    • Unhelpful colleagues and boss
    • Poor affinity with opposite sex
    • Selecting an ideal home
    • Prospering in business
    1 Day
    • Learn the complete system of Xuan Kong Flying Stars
    • The Art of Qi Distribution
    • Castle Gate, Fan Yin Fu Yin, 7 Stars Robbery and its application
    • Tai Sui, San Sha, 5 Yellow and Sui Po
    • Counter in, produce in methods for flying stars between door and occupants' Life Gua; bedroom stars and occupants' Life Gua
    • Xuan Kong Water Method (Zhen Shen & Ling Shen)
    2 Day
    • Life Gua Compatibility [命卦之命运分析]
    • Between Family Members
    • Between Couple/Partners
    • Between Co-workers
    • Xuan Kong Yi Jing Divination [玄空易卦断事]
    • How to cast divination using Flying stars method
    • Learn how to fly stars vertically in high rise building to select prosperous level to stay in
    • Case Studies – Assessing of Floor Plan [阳宅飞星实践]
    • Bring your house floor plan to class and learn to apply the theories
    3 Day
    • Real Life Audit & Practice
    DO YOU KNOW...
    •        What are the tell-tale signs in a house that cause difficulty in conceiving baby?
    •        What will constitute a change in Period of your house from P7 to P8?
    •        If you are Gua 3 and your wife is Gua 6, are you compatible as a couple?
    •        In Period 8, under what condition does 5 Yellow turn positive and usher wealth?
    •        How do Stars numbers distribute itself within a house? It is not Pie Chart or 9 Palaces.
    •        How do you analyse Annual stars + Monthly stars + Natal chart in tandem?
    •        What flying stars combo should you have at your house or office main door if you want to prosper in your business or career?
    •        What flying stars combinations triggers breast cancer, cyst and fibroids in womb and eczema?
    •        Why is Period 7 house better than Period 8?
    •        How to decide which Gua person to sleep which room?
    •        How do you avoid buying houses that can cause cancer?
    •        How to use 五子运 + 生旺决 (Purple White Method) to select prosperous level + unit to stay?
    •        How to use Luo Pan to take reading and analyse my house feng shui?
    What's so special
    this course?

    Consistent and systematic way of assessing Feng Shui quality of the property.

    Able to diagnose and predict events happening in the house.

    Comprehensive and complete course that equip you with the ability and confidence to conduct your own Feng Shui assessment

    Assist yourself and your friends to select auspicious Condominum, Landed House, Commercial and Retail Space.