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    Xuan Kong Da Gua San Yuan 64 Hexagrams 


    - by Master JO CHING

    Our Xuan Kong Da Gua San Yuan 64 Hexagrams  Graduates


    • "An advanced topic which has so many applications to further enhance my personal Feng Shui and I am able to use it for personal and family benefit. It is a blessing for me to be able to learn feng shui from you especially the XKDG. Personally I benefited a lot after applying the XKDG feng shui on myself. My luck improves a lot to the extent of winning lucky draw and striking lottery. I see a great improvement in my feng shui clientele and best of all is that I was able to discover some potential sickness before it trigger in the Ram year, as in accordance to my bazi. I have successfully undergone a minor operation and issue a clean bill of health by the doctor. I also applied it on my family members and they seem to be doing pretty well in term of health and career. Since it has been proven on myself I will eventually assist my client with this feng shui system."
      Bernard Chan, Singapore
    • "We are taught the "Trade Secret" that other masters will not easily reveal. Selfless sharing by Master Jo"
      Raymond Kua, Singapore
    • "Coverage of the topic is very comprehensive and the teaching is direct and straight to the point."
      Victor Ong, Singapore
    • "After attending the course, I am able to apply what I learnt in class to adjust my bed, work table to a better position to tap on the booster hexagram degree."
      Kitti Ongcunarak, Thailand


    What is the most advance level of Feng Shui? It will have to be the San Yuan System of Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui. This is a Yi Jing 64 Hexagrams based system that operates within the scope of 1 degree on a Chinese Luo Pan. A shift of 1 degree in the alignment of tombstone tablet or office table is able to effect a significant change of energy field. This will, therefore, bring in the desired Feng Shui result that you want. The knowledge to be imparted during this course has its source from Taiwanese lineage. Students will walk away with precious knowledge that will help them to deal with Yin and Yang house Feng Shui implementation. As well as solving challenging problems in areas like money, illnesses, conception, career and etc. Besides learning how to connect the position of tombstone or yang house with external landform like water mouth and incoming dragon to usher good luck for the family, you will also learn to use Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui to design large-scale urban project like township, shopping mall and theme park. You will also be taught the San Yuan Fortune Telling method as well as the mysterious Xie Zi Fa.
    • Formation of 64 Hexagrams
    • Meanings of Every Hexagram
    • Formation of Parents and Children Hexagrams
    • What is River East, River West and North-South Hexagrams?
    • What is Forward Child and Reverse Child?
    • What is Connection Gua?
    • What is Reverse Gua, Flip Gua?
    • Arrangement of Yao in Luo Pan
    • Implication of Gua Qi and Period Number in different Cycles
    • Analysis of Birth Year Pillar Hexagram (San Yuan Destiny Analysis for Person)
    • Principles of Sheng (Growth), Wang (Prosperous), Shuai (Depleting), Shi (Dead) in Dragon, Mountain, Facing and Water [Landform Application]
    • Principles of Gua Qi Gua Yun Pairing:-
    • a. Gua Qi Pairing (He Tu)
    • b. Gua Qi Pairing (Combo 10)
    • c. Gua Qi Pairing (Counter and Produce in)
    • d. Gua Qi Pairing (Pure Gua Formation)
    • e. Gua Qi Pairing (Combo 5 & 15)
    • f. Gua Yun Pairing
    • 7 Stars Robbery in Xuan Kong Da Gua
    • Extract Yao Change Image
    • Concept of Out of Gua
    • Concept of 6 Kin Flying Yao
    • Use of Booster Hexagram to Increase Luck
    • Illness Diagnosis for Houses
    • XKDG Luo Pan Usage [door/table/stove/bed/alignment/niche]
    • Discussion on Life Burial
    DO YOU KNOW...
    •        How San Yuan Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui was developed from observing the waxing and waning of moon?
    •        This is a Yi Jing based feng shui system that is regarded as the highest form of feng shui?
    •        Every one of us has an unique Yi Jing hexagram that determines our current luck?
    •        If we are in bad luck, we can look for a luck-enhancing hexagram at home to boost our luck?
    •        If we are in bad luck, we can look for a luck-enhancing hexagram at home to boost our luck?
    •        How to use this system to diagnose health issue at home?
    •        How to tilt your door to the correct hexagram?
    •        What is Life Burial and the process of doing it?
    •        How to tilt or align your office table or bed within 1 inch to boost your luck?
    •        How to further align the table or bed to 1 degree to usher wealth luck?
    •        How to apply Xuan Kong Da Gua for Yin Feng Shui?
    •        How to find the good feng shui niche in the columbarium to prosper?
    •        How to use this system for Urban Planning, Theme Park development and design of Shopping Complex or Casino?
    What's so special
    this course?

    Highest and most precise form of San Yuan Feng Shui System from Taiwan Lineage that drills down to 0.9275 degree. 

    Revelation of the most sought after Xie Zi Fa ("些子法") in this Program.

    Teaches you how to locate your luck-enhancing hexagram at home and office to boost your luck.

    All the "Trade Secrets" on Seven Star Robbery, Extract Yao & Change Image, 6 Kin Flying Yao and San Yuan Fortune Telling System will be taught.