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    Digging your Own Grave to Prosperity – By Jo Ching

    To dig one’s own grave is an English idiom that implies that one is to do something that will cause hurt to him- or herself in the future usually due to a foolish act.

    Not really the case if today we were to apply this in feng shui context.

    If you are able to find a good fengshui spot, dig the earth, bury your personal things, erect a tombstone with your name inscribed on it, you will get rid of existing bad luck and re-born to enjoy prosperity and longevity.

    Sounds spooky? But many rich and famous including Hong Kong celebrities and Taiwanese tycoons have done it with the help of a feng shui master. Most importantly, they have benefited immensely from it.

    In this article, I aim to reveal and discuss more technically what some have perceived it as unorthodox or voodooish practice (due to ignorance) so that you can see it from a different perspective.

    The English term for this process is known as Live Burial or in Chinese we call it “生基改运大法”.

    Fret not, you are not required to sleep in coffin or be buried alive for hours. Read on to find out more.


    1. The Motivation behind

    The notion behind Live Burial is somewhat similar to that of real burial of the deceased. In ancient China, one of the most important tasks when an emperor ascended to the throne was to instruct the prime minister to locate a good burial site so that by burying his body at a place where it is governed by auspicious land and river formations, it would bring prosperity, power and blessings to his descendants and country in future. Often the trick here is how to locate the most auspicious feng shui ground and this requires the master to be skillful in his application of Luan Tou Feng Shui.

    By the same token, if one can simulate the entire burial process minus the death part, he can also enjoy the tremendous benefits that ensue. Some of the reasons that why one would want to embark on this major luck-changing process can be attributed to the following:

    • Suffering from critical illnesses like cancer or mental illness
    • To extend life or enjoy longevity
    • To greatly enhance capacity in life which would otherwise be limited by your Bazi
    • To overcome a major setback like business failure or litigation
    • To be able to conceive
    • To achieve greater success in career and wealth

    It has been rumoured that the mother of famous Hong Kong star, Nicholas Tse, has sought the help of a feng shui master in 2002 with the aim in helping his son to get a lighter sentence because of him getting a fall guy for his criminal offence. Tse was later asked to do community service instead of being jailed. See screenshot below taken from a magazine.


    2. Earth, Water, Wind and Fire

    For the Live Burial to be effective and tailor to your objective, it is imperative that the site conforms to powerful Luan Tou formations like for example, “Reverse Water Flows to Hall”, good embraces, An Shan 案山, sentimental flow of mountain ranges and etc. The dragon spot must contain “Earth Spirit” 地灵之气since the idea is to connect the human’s vital energy with the mother earth’s vital energy. The picture below depicts the landform features that one would like to see for good fengshui.



    The 4 elements that make up of Earth Spirit are namely, earth, water, fire and wind. Earth, as the name suggests, represents the land and the soil. Water talks about river stream that flows on top of earth. Fire refers to the heat from earth and wind implies the earth qi that flows along with the river and earth.

    In the human being’s context, earth refers to our skin, flesh, veins and bones. Water talks about our blood and body fluid. Fire implies our body temperature and Wind is our breath.

    Technically speaking, our job as a feng shui master is to help you to create that resonance to bring about that powerful luck-changing effect leveraging on heaven and earth qi. The heaven qi talks about the right timing to activate the live burial process. In our practice, we adopt the San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia Date Selection 三元奇门择日technique coupled with the most powerful 7 Zheng 3 Wang 七政三王天星择日timing to find the specific timing (down to minutes) to support the endeavor. For instance, during the burial process, we need to ensure Qi and Men are present in the sitting direction 奇门到山coupled with a powerful Qi Men formation such as the 9 Escapes 奇门九遁. To top it off, the whole process will be completed when the critical planets and constellations arrived at specific palaces to form the desired aspects. See picture below on my San Yuan Qi Men date selection system – with complete rings.

    Whatever you wish for will be materialised within weeks but last you for as long as your own burial site is intact.


    3. What does the client need to provide?

    For live burial, client needs to provide the following together with other accompanying items that symbolize the person himself and 5 elements. All these are to be put into an urn carved out from specific precious stone:

    • Hair and clipped finger nails (or teeth, dried umbilical cord that were kept since small)
    • Blood (200 ml)
    • Full sets of clothes, undergarments and shoes that have been worn
    • Photo and Bazi
    • Talisman
    • Ancient coins
    • 8 Colour Gems
    • Etc

    image007Picture depicts some of the required items to be put into urn.

    I process, one needs to go through a Taoist ritual so that the “spirit” or vital energy of the person can be integrated with the items before sealing up. The ritual is also for the Taoist to inform the heaven about this so that blessings can take place.

    It is advisable that client is to abstain from sex 3 days before and after the live burial is carried out.

    image009Picture of the Taoist Master carrying out the blessing ritual one day before Life Burial.


    image011Picture of the Taoist Master carrying out the cleansing ritual on actual burial site.





    4. What does one expect to experience after the process is done?

    In terms of the face colour or Mian Xiang, you are expected to see this very bright glowing qi forming right from Tian Ting (forehead) to Yin Tang (space between eyebrows) down to nose tip. One is expected to feel very energized, clear minded and uplifting in mood. There will be significant change in luck on all aspects of your life specifically wealth and career.


    5. How much does it cost?

    Not many fengshui masters know how to carry out the entire process of live burial due to limited knowledge. There will be serious backlash to both the client and the feng shui master if the job is not performed properly and this is usually due to incompetence of the master in his or her feng shui skill. To do live burial, the fengshui master has to be equipped with the following skillsets:

    • Knowledge of Luan Tou (Landform) feng shui to identify the most auspicious dragon spot
    • Knowledge of burial feng shui since tombstone needs to be erected correctly in accordance to client’s bazi and tapping into right water mouth and supported by right Xuan Kong Da Gua formation 龙山向水 and Water formula 连山归藏水法.
    • Knowledge of Time Selection to bury the urn and erect tombstone. A correct timing ushers in the positive result speedily and further enhances the power of the effect. A bad timing can send all effort down the drain even if the landform and feng shui of burial site are auspicious.

    image017Based on market intelligence, fengshui master easily commands a fee that starts from mid-range of 5-figure sum to even 6-figure sum depending on location. It usually includes land cost, tombstone construction cost, ritual cost and other miscellaneous item like hiring a nurse to draw blood. Client needs to factor in their own cost for air tickets and accommodation since some of the very good sites are in overseas countries like Taiwan and China.


    If you are keen to find out more about our Live Burial service to be done at Taiwan Guan Yin Shan, please arrange for a face-to-face appointment with Master Jo Ching for preliminary assessment. Kindly email him at joching@destinyasia.com.sg.  

    Web: www.masterfengshui.com.