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Embracing Your Useful God


Lady’s Bazi

Above bazi belongs to a lady. Weak chart and favourable elements will be water, wood and metal.

I would believe most of us will deduce that when this lady enters into earth luck cycle, which is her unfavourable wealth element, she will suffer bad health and run into financial issue. We often say 財来破印 or wealth destroys the resource star and because the latter is the useful god in this bazi, one would expect she suffers from ill fate during this period of time.

In fact, the opposite is true. During the 20 years of earth element cycle, her personal wealth grew when she was helping out with her husband retail business. Business expanded. Well, she is definitely very busy and at times feeling drained out (nature of wealth stars) but overall, she sees result in whatever effort that she has put in.

Strange isn’t it? I thought we learnt that for a weak chart (this lady is no way a follower bazi), anything that exhausts strength of daymaster will be categorised as the negative star?

Don’t worry. I don’t think your teacher has shortchanged you in their teaching. It is just that, this topic on useful god usually comes in at advance level.

Allow me to share a bit of insight.

This lady is born in the Direct Officer season. I usually call this the DO structure or in chinese 正官格. In chinese bazi classic, such structure likes to see wealth star to produce the structure and resource star to protect the structure. Those required stars are present in her chart and thus bring up the grade of it.

Not only are they present but in more advance level of bazi, we also need to look at how they are positioned. Are there embracing the structure?

Next, we go into another important dimension of protective god which is in this case defined as the stars that protect the useful god from external sha qi or negative elements that come in during luck cycle or annual luck. The useful god here is the Ren water.

I would identify the Jia wood and Geng metal as the protective god or 护神. If they are not present in such strategic position, the earth element will directly attack the Ren water. But now, the Jia wood acts as an left embrace, shielding the Ren. On the other hand, earth can also come in from the other end of the chart from the hour pillar.


Useful god Ren is strategically positioned and hence protected from external sha qi. Much like our Singapore isalnd.

The lucky thing is that there is a Geng there to arbitrate between earth and Ren – much like a right embrace. If we swop place between Ren and Geng, then this lady will not have a peaceful earth luck cycle as Ren is exposed to “sha qi” directly.

The above may sound a bit “extraordinary” but when come to determining someone’s achievement and ups and downs in life, one cannot neglect bazi structure.

From a Zi Ping Bazi perspective, this lady belongs to a high grade bazi structure.