8 Classes of Women: Specialization on BaZi Ladies Life – Reviews from our latest Graduates

Review from Participants

Lim Sok Lee:

“Clear case studies for illustration and easy to apply. Straight forward format and easy to understand.”

Dino Ng:

“Simple breakdown of the steps to decode. With the skillset, I can decode the chart in a few minutes easily. The course content is structured and he makes it simple to follow.”

Anne Sim:

“The thing I like the most about this course is Master Jo Ching Core fundamentals. His teaching strengthen my understanding more of the value/quality  of the Authority star.”

Oxana Shilina:

“The straightforward system of identifying the strength of the chart. I like his ability to answer questions when it is not very clear. Also he shares real life cases which is valuable.

Ho Chiew Geok:

“I like most about JC’s research and experience over thousands cases; straight forward. My greatest takeaway is Master Jo’s sharing of 2 second spot the chart. Master Jo is knowledgeable and willing to share his expertise with us, clearing our doubts.”


“Clear & Confident System. Cleared all my doubts after the course. Now my understanding of BaZi improved alot.”


“Very clear and pinpoint of the cases & incidents. The course content is very helpful that I can use it to decode charts for my friends and family. Very Straight forward, couldn’t ask for more. Excellent style.”