“Applied Face Reading Course – The Art of Flying Palace prediction in KL, Malaysia” – Review from Participants

Review from Participants

Budy Santosa, Indonesia:

“This course is very genuine & has a very comprehensive resume of face reading. I simply like the flying palace prediction using the annual luck. As always, Master Jo teaching is very clear & systematic, easy to understand.”

Woen Susanto, Indonesia:

“My favorite part of the course is that I am able to immediately apply the technique in my daily life. Master Jo is clear & patient. Definitely will be back for more courses by Master Jo.”

Kitti Ongcunarak, Thailand:

“Simplified content & lots of variation (methods) to face reading. This course provided me additional insight from the traditional face reading course that is offered outside. His teaching is down to earth and friendly.”

Erwin Yap, Indonesia:

“Attended this course previously and coming back for Free Revision. Gotten new perspectives. Easy to understand can be absorbed easily.”

Lim Ai Lee:

“Practical application and can applied immediately. The course is very clear and easy to understand.”

Kher Shin:

“Improve my face reading knowledge. Master Jo’s teaching style is straight forward and simplified.”

Chim Weng Cheong:

“A lot of pictures and photos used for example that we can relate. The bonus topic on hiring maid is useful and I can apply it immediately and the Course content is easy to understand and practical.”

Lily Lim:

“Detailed information given and shared. I have benefitted alot as it provide me with a good understanding and very informative. Master Jo is willing to share many new ideas and his teaching is easy to understand.”

Janet Lim:

“Lots of real life example shared in class that we can relate and apply. I am able to use the information and apply immediately. Begin to see  people/strangers in a new light. The teaching is good and is very interactive with students.”

Mak Ngan Hoe:

“Very Practical and can be used immediately. Ability to profile a person quickly & can look at key characteristics & issues. The flying palace method is very new to me and shed a different perspective in Face Reading. Master Jo is very detailed and patient.”

Adelene Pook:

“This course allow me to apply it in my daily life to deal with people. Yes, I have gain new knowledge on face reading and how I can profile a person. The course is very informative and interactive.

Tan Ai Hwa:

“This course allow us to interactive more with the master and I can use what I have learnt in the course and apply it to hire employees.”