Applied Face Reading Course – Surviving the Corporate Jungle

Applied Face Reading Course – Surviving the Corporate Jungle (1 Day – 10 June 2023, 10am to 5pm)


Some of the questions (not exhaustive) that will be discussed in class:

  1. Do you belong to the A) Nutritive B) Sportive or C) Emotive? What does the profile say about the individual’s Wealth luck, temperament and suitable career?
  2. How do you tell from someone eyes shape that he/she does not like late-comer?
  3. How do you tell from handshake about the sincerity of the person?
  4. How do you know if your client is not convinced via body language and what should you do to make him/her be more receptive on your product or recommendation?
  5. Is your voice gentle, strong, weak or loud when you talk? What does it imply?
  6. How do you identify a potential candidate who is reliable and able to follow through every project assigned to him just by listening to his voice over the phone?
  7. What types of face features make a good sales person?
  8. What type of face says that a person is good in PR skill?
  9. What facial feature make a Good Team Manger who is able to command respect from staff?
  10. If you need to hire a business development director whose job is to generate a lot of ideas to help the company earn money, will you choose a) inverted triangular face shape b) round and plump face shape with double chin c) angular face with bony structure?
  11. How do you tell if a person is fast or slow in making decision from fingers and side profile of face?
  12. How do you tell from the mouth that a person is very prudent with money?

Learning Objective & Outcome:

This is a carefully designed 1-day course that allows participants to be able to immediately apply the techniques of face reading and reading non-verbal cues of your opponent in the corporate world in relation to daily events like negotiation, hiring of staff and even rapport building with people.

For instance, by knowing the inclinations and personalities of your client or colleague, you are then able to adopt the right strategy and speak the “same lingo” as he or she to bring the relationship closer, gain trust and eventually persuade him or her to buy your ideas.

Master Jo Ching will share with you very useful tips in identifying what various facial features, skin colour tone, fingers, voice and even gestures imply in terms of personalities and to some extent – the luck element. Pictures of famous people like politicians and celebrities will be discussed so that it will facilitate your learning. He adopts and combines best practices in accordance to face reading systems coming from Europe and China.


Main Course Outline:

  • 3 Macro Types of Facial Framework in this world
  • Skin Complexion and Colour Tone
  • Thin and Fat, Black and White Theory
  • Analysing Side Profile of Face
  • Analysing Voice
  • Meanings of Ears and Forehead with regard to Personality
  • Meanings of Brows, Eyes & Nose with regard to Personality
  • Meanings of Mouth, Jaws, Chin with regard to Personality
  • Other body parts & gestures, handshake, eye movements
  • Career & Wealth Luck Analyses
  • How to deal and negotiate with different profiles of people
  • Matching of Job Functions in accordance to Facial Features
  • Face reading and Basic Health Issues


Discussion on following Profiles:

  • Boss that Exploits Staff
  • Boss who is compassionate
  • Good Accountant profile
  • Good CEO profile
  • Play Politics (Eunuch) profile
  • Strong Nobleman profile
  • Lazy
  • Artistic
  • Attract Petty People
  • Corporate High Flyer
  • Good Networking Skill
  • Easily Get Cheated profile
  • Tai Tai Luck
  • Hectic Life
  • Poor Money Luck
  • Rebellious profile
  • Good Sales Luck
  • Peach Blossom Luck
  • Sexually Inclined profile
  • Woman who Prospers the Husband
  • Good People &Project Manager profile
  • Good Investment Luck (Fund Manager) profile
  • Slow Decision Client profile (give them time)
  • Swift Decision Client profile (close them now)
  • Love to be Flattered Client profile

To find out more about the early bird course fee and the registration details, do email Mr. Lester Tan at academy@destinyasia.com.sg.