Bazi Foundation Class in Action

The bazi foundation class started with Jo sharing on pre-Qing and post Qing Dynasty difference in bazi systems. He also brought in the perspective of how bazi stems and branches relationship are intimately connected with chinese astrology 天星学.

During this one-day intensive bazi class, participants are unloaded with alot information including meanings of all stems and branches clashes, punishment, combinations and 10 Gods. They also learn to identify vibrant and follower charts. As Jo focuses alot on using real-life bazi cases to help participants to comprehend better, alot of scenarios were discussed in great details such as divorce, difficulty in conceiving, 3rd party, millionaire, disciplined kid, good boss luck, good lottery or 4D bazi and painful marriage.

Below are feedback from some of the participants:

“A very insightful workshop. Mr Jo Ching makes complicated bazi study into something easy to understand. 2 thumbs up!”
– Yeo Yan Ngee

“The teaching is easily absorbed and understood although it is a one-day course.”
– Tang Cheng Guan

“He teaches well on bazi for amateurs and assists us to better understand ourselves and even immediate family members and close friends.”
– Tan Yeow Tiong

“Chart analysis is informative and precise. I can now understand the actual concept of reading the bazi in its right perspective, thank you!”
– Setthee Lee

”Thanks Master Jo Ching for your patience and easy to understand teaching. Your class has always been interesting and enlightening!” –
– Catherine