BaZi Workshop (Authority Stars & Your Career Luck) – Feedback from Participants

Review from Participants

Dronn Ong:

“Master Jo shared a lot of other information apart from the main subject. This workshop content allows me to better decide what to do and what to expect in term of work. Master Jo’s teaching style is very direct, concise and straight to the point.”


“The workshop is well organized and clearly explained. The workshop allows me to understand more on my strengths and weaknesses.”

Ms. Foo:

“This workshop provided me the opportunity to have a quick review of what is favourable & unfavourable. I have benefited from this workshop as I am able to identify the direction of industry/job and better knowledge of the 60 pillars & heavenly stems, etc. Jo’s teaching style is easy to understand even though it’s quite complex as there are many components that we have to consider and look at.”

David Tan:

“This workshop allows me to better understand myself and it is easy to understand.”


“Master Jo make it as simple as possible & very realistic. This workshop help me to understand a bit better of my own BaZi. I like his direct style & speech.”

Koh Lee Fang:

“This workshop provided me with more information and knowledge of what BaZi is all about. It is simple & easy to understand.”

Yap Han Boon:

“Easy to understand and straight forward”

Tony Yeoh:

“The thing I like the most about this workshop is the theme that focus on career and determining strength of Day Master. During the workshop, I found that I have a special chart and my favorable elements are opposite from what I was personally told before. Master Jo is approachable, open and honest.”

Lee Chye Khoon:

“The part I like the most about this workshop is I can ask any questions and Master Jo will be glad to answer it.”

Samuel Sng:

“Very Comprehensive and knowledgeable. This workshop has allowed me to from no knowledge in bazi to have a basic foundation knowledge for BaZi. Master Jo is patient answer any question readily.”

Linda Foo:

“Simple to understand. Complex knowledge made easy to understand. Straight to the point and concise.”