Face Reading Course in Indonesia, Balikpapan – Reviews from Participants

Review from Participants


“New point of view for me to understand people. Very important for doing business and dealing with people. The teaching style is very good & clear.”

Djoko Santiko:

“The course is easy to understand. My greatest takeaway is i can profile my friends and grandson immediately.”

Herry Chen:

“We can know what people looks like from his face. I can read people mind from the features on his/her face. Jo’s teaching style is good & interesting.”

Inge Santoso:

“Structured & Organised. Step-by-step, so it’s easier to understand. I have tried to learn from books, but it is so much easier to learn by attending this course. Alot of stuff are not revealed by reading from books. The class is very clear, good paced & organised.”

Eileen Cheok:

“The course allows me to understand more in-depth on face reading techniques and body language.  It equip me with the skillset that I can use it personally and at work.”


“As Usual, Master gave so much information that can be overwhelmed. After going thru the content again, we definitely will feel grateful of all the information that Master has shared. Excellent course that I have recommended my friends to join me for the class.”

Soviani Chandra:

“I have learned alot of information about face. Yes. I know how to improve my life and to help people. The course is very communicative, clear & informative.”