“King’s Wen I Ching Divination Course – The Guided System of Divination in Manila, Philippines” – Review from Participants

Review from Students

Belinda D. Catacutan:

“This course taught me how to answer questions and will guide me in my decision making. The biggest takeaway was the ability to use his divination system to analyze my house feng shui. Master Jo Ching’s teaching is very informative and have a direct approach”

Marie Olivia M. Mendoza:

“After learning this divination system, it would help me to decide on things/situation or if i am at a cross-roads. It also help me to predict events to come and also to decide whether to push through or not on my future investments.”

Gretchen Marie Ladia:

“It answers all my questions. When in doubt, I can ask I Ching. Master Jo teaches the course in a simple way for us to understand the subject matter easily. Everyone in the class has the chance to ask question and clarify any doubts.”

Melissa Arguelles:

“It is so amazingly accurate!. Master Jo is very helpful in answering all questions from the class. It is very informative and the content is exhaustive.”

Lois Alog:

”The additional information that I did not encounter from my other previous I Ching class were definitely useful. I like also the way the concept and theory were applied very clearly. This course definitely benefited me because it  will supplement my Feng Shui Practice. I admire Master Jo’s teaching style because he’s very direct to the point and goes out of his way to explain his topics well.”

Laurence Yap:

”Master Jo’s teaching methodology is still what I am looking for. Very interesting subject and Master Jo gives everything. This course gave me more clarity and more content into the various categories of questions.”

Raul Villanueva:

”This course is enriching and helps in day to day concerns. Master Jo’s teaching is straight to the point and practical. Very Good.”

Aileen C. Melegrito:

”I simply like everything the course has to offer, but mostly the interpretation is the most important part. Simply Perfect.”

I Ching Divination Manila - July 2016