Is my BaZi a Ferrari or Suzuki – Reviews from our BaZi Semi-Pro Graduates

Review from Participants

Jonathan Goh (Malaysia, Penang):

“Clear and easy to understand and good explanation by Master Jo and it clear my doubt and understanding of BaZi. I have benefitted and relook into my own BaZi. Master Jo is able to translate the BaZi learning to easy understanding for the student.”

Nicole Chin:

“Pre-course materials are given to better prepare for the class. The content is clear and unambiguous rule of thumb for practice. This course clear up any ambiguity of my own chart as well as better understanding of dual characteristics of DO/7K.”

Kosim Sutiono (Indonesia, Jakarta):

“Comprehensive 2 Days class. After the class, it gives me confidence to read a BaZi Chart. Master Jo teach with a systematic way and each subject have several case study to make us understand how to apply the concept.”

Samantha Lim:

“Master Jo simplified a lot of technicalities and the case studies were useful for practical practice. Learn to properly identify chart types, and usage of stars. The course is easy to understand and Master Jo is also very helpful to help uncover our own chart.”

Jeff Lee (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)

“Master Jo is rich in knowledge & clear to clarify abstract concepts of BaZi. Very friendly and generous in his sharing.”