Manifestation of Phenomenon – Our latest batch of QMDJ Art of War Graduates

Review from Graduates

Chris Lai – Australia:

“The applicable aspect of the subject, which allows me to put into practice and verify the result. The case studies example shared in class is my greatest take away. Jo’s teaching is relaxed and straight to the point.”

Mulia Sunar Ko – Indonesia:

“A lot of good way to use this system to help me, ie. Gaining an upper hand in different situation. Many information and case studies were shared in class.”

Suntoro – Indonesia:

“Amazing knowledge and tools for solving some tricky problems.

Siauw Wei Long – Singapore:

“Very informative and this course equip me with the skillset for planning important meeting and daily activities.”

Enone Nonie Nakamoto – Japan:

“I like it in the way that we can use good direction even there is a clash with the elements and i can apply it both in an external or internal environment. Very Versatile.”

Yulius Fang – Indonesia:

“Master Jo is an excellent teacher, teaching is very straight forward. I like the way we can use the phenomenon to confirm the Qi Men Energy. Very Interesting!!! Now I have more confidence to practice Feng Shui using Qi Men Art of War, Date Selection as well as divination using the software. The class is fun and really enlightening.

Foo Pei Ning – Singapore:

“Able to apply in daily life on most event to help enhance our luck & amazing results to witness the phenomenon. I enjoyed the class very much. It’s very simplified and easy to understand despite not having any of the knowledge of BaZi and Trigram. I am able to understand the course.

Lizette Akouri – Australia:

“So much info in 3 days – Simply Valuable.”

Lois Alog – Philippines:

“It is a useful tool for achieving faster and effective results in anything. The information was indeed useful. It will benefit in my practice and helping others to achieve their goals.”