“Methodological & Practical application of using the BaZi System” – Our latest BaZi Semi-Pro Graduates

Review from Students

Angie Lim:

“Methodological, practical application and many case studies being discussed. I can use it immediately after the class.”

Jansie Tan:

“I have learn alot as my knowledge of bazi is only from reading books. This course has clarified many of my doubts. His teaching is very clear and simple enough to learn.”

Derek Goh:

“Logical and straight forward to grasp. Clear flow of material. Yes, it improved my grounding of key fundamentals. Will use it for business and personal relationships. Master Jo teaching style is clear, transparent and concise.”

Shirlyn Chew:

“Very good explanation on how to read bazi. Empowering students to read by themselves. Yes, I can analyse favourable and unfavourable elements in chart. Jo’s teaching style is clear, simple to understand, concise and interactive.”

Gilda P:

”Master Jo is generous in sharing info that is not taught elsewhere which I learn from previously. Brought home wealth of information. I have learned to analyse bazi chart more precisely with more confidence. The teaching is direct, open to discussion and encouraging.”

Evonne Chea:

”Easy to understand. Interesting case study and sharing and Master Jo is generous with his sharing. After this course, I have a better understanding of BaZi  which is beneficial in my understanding of myself. Master Jo is able to explain complex concept in an easy manner to understand.”

Ang Yiwei:

”The thing that I love the most about this course is BaZi Chart Analysis. The concept of determining the strength of chart was my greatest take-away. A very detailed course in deed.”