“Myth Busted! You can have no wealth star but still become rich!” – Our latest BaZi Semi-Pro Graduates

Review from Students

Tan Haishen:

“This intensive course allows me to differentiate the different charts. Simplified process of identifying the criteria. Very simple and easy to pick up ”

Stevyn Zeng:

“Master Jo is very direct and straight to the point, no flowery or nonsense stuff. Immediately after the class, i could read a bazi chart regarding in the aspect of marriage, wealth, children and career.”

Tan Lee Thong:

“This course allows lots of chances to clarify. This 2 day invested is better than reading 5 books over months and still not able to get the key points. Like the open style of teaching and help to use student’s chart to explain which makes it easier to correlate”

Audrey Tan:

“Lots of real-life examples discussed in class for verification. The course is structured in a way that it is easy to understand and simplified. Definitely recommended for those who do not have any prior knowledge of BaZi”

Jacqueline Ng:

”Step-by-step guidance on reading BaZi with comprehensive explanation by Master Jo. The class is interactive, simple languages which make it easy to understand. Good case studies & examples to guide you along.”

Stanley Tan:

”Interesting, easy to digest information. Immediately applicable”

Michael Bok:

”The information on the fundamentals of BaZi. After the class, I am able to know my family and my destiny and to take the necessary steps to enhance or avoid”

Vicky Neo:

“This course is practical. Basic foundation are well covered in details. Master Jo’s teaching is straight to the point and clearly delivered and he inject humour in class during his sharing.”