New Book: Qi Men Dun Jia – The Ancient Art of War at Your Finger Tips!


Qi Men Dun Jia: The ancient art of war at your fingertips

Author: Jo Ching

ISBN: 9789810904616

Published by Destiny Academy Pte Ltd

Back Cover of Book:

Qi Men Dun Jia has always been regarded as a very advanced topic in the field of Chinese Metaphysics and Feng Shui. It is also known as the Study of Heavenly Stems. This system was developed in ancient times with the aim to assist the Emperor in making calculated moves to win the battles.

Great military strategists like Zhuge Liang was renowned for using it to calculate the opportune timing and direction to attack the enemies. One of his famous historical highlights was the moments he used Qi Men to predict the time of the arrival of the eastern wind to help him defeat Emperor Cao Cao’s army at Red Cliff.

In the modern application of Qi Men Dun Jia, this ancient art of war can be used to help you to accomplish your mission or a specific task with great success. In this book, Jo Ching is going to reveal to you the techniques of using Qi Men Dun Jia Energy-Building method to gain the upper hand. You, too can approach your day-to-day activities like:

Job interview
School examinations
Romance and courting
Seeking medical treatment
Sales-pitch to clients
Business Negotiation
Seeking Wealth

with added confidence that the outcome will be in your favor.

In today’s market, many Qi Men Dun Jia books have been written mostly on the topic of using this ancient system as a divination tool. However, this will be the first English book that aims to impart exclusive practical knowledge of using Qi Men as a daily “art of war” tool to usher good luck and avoid negative outcomes. In addition, it will cover interesting topics like:

ü How to apply Qi Men as a date selection tool for Feng Shui purposes

ü A sneak preview into the 64 Hexagrams San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia System

ü Why the need to witness phenomenon before you proceed with your line of action

This book is specially catered to all Feng Shui, Chinese metaphysics enthusiasts and especially those who seriously wish to have better control of their destiny. It comes with many real life case studies and illustrations to showcase how this ancient system is just as relevant in meeting challenges in contemporary society.

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(original book is printed in full colour with high resolution images and high quality art paper)