“Numerology Semi-Pro Courses in September” – Reviews from participants of Numerology Semi-Pro Course by Jacqueline Ng

Review from Students

Siou Foon Lee:

“Fact based – present day people used as case study. The reference to mistakes out there that we need to know so we are not being misled. This course help me to help others in a quick and fast way. It is a very interactive course.”

Marko Lee:

“The thing I like about this course is the Master Number and Personal Year analysis. Jac is clear and confident.”

Lo Kai Jie:

“Clear, concise, easy to understand and can derive accurate conclusions.” This course will be easier for me to read others, and to know how to convince others and work with them better. Jacqueline is very helpful and make sure students understand before moving on to next topic. Examples highlighted are also very relevant. Can see she cares for people.

Jason Yeo:

“The explanations was easy to understand and absorb into learning. It really able to reflect on the personal level. Her teaching style was simple, clear and make understanding numerology easy to learn and appreciate.”

Tang Wai Ling:

“Easy to understand. Profiling of people just by knowing the birth dates. Simple, concise, good examples for illustration.”

Raymond Kua:

“Super fast & accurate profile of people. Useful to profile people and know more about people in a very short time. She is very factual and love her teaching style.”

Wiltson Lim:

“The interactive approach. This numerology course can help me to understand my kids better.”

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