QMDJ Mastery on 3-Victory-5-Untouchable Strategy

Practical QMDJ Questions to be Answered and Taught in Class

1. Which Qi Men formation do we use together with a cat to protect your house from negative vibes?
2. What is the symbol we use our finger to write on the stomach when we have stomach pain?
3. What is the rationale behind burying of luo pan in the ground outside your house?
4. How do we use the Red Bird (Zhu Que) to help us to increase our luck in tender submission?
5. Which are the Qi Men stars to avoid during overseas travel so that you will not fall sick and thief will not come and steal your things?
6. Ancient Qi Men masters used Geng metal and Hurt door to remotely harm their enemy. How was this being done?
7. When you are playing with the dealer in casino, put yourself in this Door sector during that hour to gain luck. How?
8. You will learn external and internal QMDJ Art of War methods. To succeed in Zoom interview or any online activity at home, I will teach you how to move your laptop.
9. What can you chant and write when you cannot find a parking lot in a shopping mall?
10. When you need to sell your house, which Qi Men hour and at which sector of your house should you energise it to attract good buyer?

And many more instant luck-ushering methods to be taught!
Join us in our upcoming Qi Men Dun Jia (Art of War/Date Selection) Mastery Program
from 15 to 17 April 2022 in Singapore

3 Bonus Topics for 2022 Class!

In my latest QMDJ book which I wrote about the Untold Art of War strategies, there is this rarely taught method “3 Victories and 5 Untouchable Palaces”.

1. “A winning army first wins then seeks battle”. I am going to show you how to integrate this 3V5U art of war method with our hourly chart for the very first time in class. I want you to be the winner in any negotiations or competitions right from the onset.

2. Elevating Magical Qi Men to the next level. In my new book, after every chapter, I explained the usage of every 10 STEMS for specific luck ushering. I will teach you what is your personalised Qi Men STEM to say, usher money luck, combining into a talisman that looks like the picture inserted.

3. Open up your Personal QMDJ Bazi chart to find best cities, countries to do business, study, migrate and etc.


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