Reviews by our Graduates of Jan 2013 Bazi Practitioner Course


What some of our students like most about the recent class and how it has benefited them.

“Recognizing the strength of the Daymaster and the Personalities analysis. Explanation is clear and easy to understand” ~ Ivy Chit

“It clears up my doubts about different kind of charts, more confident to decide a chart.” ~ Wong Swee Chiong

“Very practical and interactive. Enhance my interpretation. Very clear explanation.” ~ Edwin Ti

“Knowledge shared generously. Lots of life examples. Bazi Divination method is one of the greatest take-aways. There is no ambiguity now in determing between strong and weak DM. Jo Ching is very profound and willing to share.”

~ Lim Keng Hock, from Penang

“Yes, one of the take-aways would be the way to decipher the Direct officer and 7 Killing star. I think Jo has presented in a very authentic way and class is interactive.” ~ Eanne Tan

“Very clear and plenty of examples. New ways to interpret Bazi clearer. Jo is very clear and generous in his teaching.” ~ Ho Jong Boo

“I learn how to determine the strength of DM and the gist in analysing 10 gods to understand people’s personality and behaviour. Hardworking people, lazy people, cunning etc. Very logical way of analyzing bazi. I feel confident in analyzing charts now. Jo is very patient and generous with his knowledge and experience.”

~ Zenon Ng