Reviews from our inaugural Liu Bo Wen QMDJ Divination Graduates

Review from Participants

Simon Ho:

“This course is very practical and useful for predicting outcome of the desired activities. Dr. Anna is very generous in imparting knowledge.”


“This course provide me with something that I can use it daily and Dr. Anna teaching style is very good. Downloaded us with lots of information”

Jensen T (Indonesia):

“The thing I like most about this course is the depth of knowledge of the lecture provided, organized way of delivering the teaching and the responsiveness to all questions that were asked in class. My biggest take away will be the skill to immediate divining and the security of knowing the teacher will always guide us even though we have left the classroom. Dr. Anna is a true gifted teacher with compassion, willingness to truly teach; making her students understand the materials.”

Mr. C:

“Dr. Anna is very passionate and engaging and provided students with lots of information and making sure each and every students are able to do a divination by themselves.”

Casper Ong:

“I like the course materials provided. Alot of good information and case studies provided, ensuring there is a holistic teaching for all.”

Melvin D. Sua (Philippines):

“A lot of deep information/knowledge for a new way of divination.”

Erwin Yap (Indonesia):

“A comprehensive package, Dr Anna makes it easier to understand & grasp the gist of the whole divination method. She is very patient in addressing all students questions.”