Students Witnessed Miracles in Meridian Points Massage Therapy Workshop

Review from Students

Bernard Chan:

“Master Jo, Surprisingly when I reached home the pain I told you from the fall 3 weeks ago has disappeared. Amazing!! n thanks for organizing such class. I am amazed that essential oil can assist in treating so many body function. A real eye opener for me and i can use the method taught in class to help my family & friends.”

David Tong:

“A very knowledgeable & humorous teacher. An eye opener to the world of essential oils. Learnt a lot in just one day. Highly recommended course.”

Christina Leow:

“Instructor is very interesting & informative. Class is very lively an the hands-on practice is very useful. Will highly recommend the course to friends who are interested in essential oils and aromatherapy.”



Kek Wei Chuan:

“Very useful course that can be applied immediately in our everyday life. It is such as rare opportunity for me to learn a natural way to cure pain and common ailment.”

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