Surviving the Corporate Jungle – Review from our latest Face Reading Course Graduates

Review from Participants

Ms. Lee:

“This course is good for us where we can understand people around us better without knowing their date of birth. A very quick and effective way of profiling people.”

Bryant Tang:

“Detailed insights on Face Reading. Good to learn about the profile of faces. From now on, I will look at faces differently. The class is very interactive and easy to understand.”

Simon Ho:

“The course is practical & clear. Useful for me to gauge my business partners.”

Nico Lim:

“My biggest take-away will be to be able to identify the customer’s character and how to deal with them.”

Claudia Chew:

“Able to learn the techniques to profile people easily. Master Jo is very generous in his teaching and have lots of real life example for us to relate and make it easily for us to understand and learn.”

Jacky Phuong:

“Simple to pick up and structured way to classify people into a certain profile. Excellent and the class is very illustrative.”

Elena Ng:

“The class is very practical. Will use the new skills in hiring and assessing new acquaintances.”

Ms. T:

“Have a better understanding now of how to read faces & manage people better. Helps as a leader doing hiring as well. Master Jo is very knowledgeable, gave alot of very practical examples.”