“The Art of Determining Sitting and Facing Direction for Properties” – Our latest batch of Feng Shui Practitioners”

Review from Students

Wong Foong Limg:

“Interesting & Useful for my own house analysis. Will definitely be back for more revision to brush up and deepen my skillset. Case studies and practical examples has greatly benefitted me.”

John Ang:

“The thing I like the most is the plotting of the flying star chart and how we can use annual and monthly stars for prediction. This course equipped me with the skillset to help myself select the best house.”

Tur Gerald Raphael:

“It is a breakthrough for me as it help to deepen my chinese metaphysics skills. It is very practical that I can apply.”

Sim Teck Wui:

“This course is simplified, systematic and very practical. It really help me to analyse my house feng shui using the flying star method and also allows me to better plan and select my next house using this system.”

Alex Leung:

”The concept of Qi Distribution is something new and not commonly taught outside. The combo of good and bad stars also is an important topic that interest me alot. It is very practical with many real life case studies being shared by Master Jo Ching; easy to learn and pick up.”

Patrick Ko:

”The thing I like the most about this course is the logical solution to apartment or high-rise houses facing in Singapore. The teaching of determining the sitting and facing give me the confidence to take the measurement and do an audit. Master Jo teaching is consistent and systematic.”

Lois Alog:

”I like the trade secrets shared in the class, it certainly gave me an edge which will help my practice alot. All the information given in this class are quite beneficial as I am a practitioner. His teaching style is very systematic and always quantified with actual cases which makes it very easy to comprehend.”

Gilda P:

“Clear cut, straight forward and can be used directly without any difficult to remember formulas. Ability to analyse own house Qi; usher the good and avoid the bad stars. Master Jo Ching is very humble, patient and experienced to share and advise on house problematic issues. I will definitely be back for more classes in the future.”