“The Art of Feng Shui Audit” – Reviews from our Urban City Yang House Feng Shui Course Participants

Review from Students

Anna Zarasyan – Australia:

“The Complex concepts, such as Qi Distribution is clearly presented & the practicality of application is addressed. The content of the course is excellent. My greatest take-away will be the Qi Distribution, compatibility of Gua, practical & effective solutions. Will definitely be using it in my work. I like a relaxed, practical & consistent way of presenting the course material, whether it’s simple or complex subject.”

Evelyn Susanto – Indonesia:

“The course content that I have picked up will equip me with the skillset to pick a good property based on the external and internal features. Master Jo teaches the theory in a very professional manner and is very experienced.”

Georgina Yeo – Indonesia:

“The thing I like the most about this course is the practical application on the last day of the course. It help to put all the theory into place and using it to apply in real life and how to conduct an audit properly.”

Oxana Shilina – Russia:

“The questions are always answered! The practice on the last day gives a lot as the theory is falling into place and it became very clear. The naked eyes Feng Shui taught in class is a new concept for me. Master Jo teaching is straight forward and clear.”

Wong Lian Siew – Singapore:

“Simply “Awesome”. Apart from Flying Stars Feng Shui, I love the practical aspect introduced on the third day of the course. Different houses audited presented a different story. As usual, Master Jo’s indepth presentation and sharing of knowledge is my greatest take away.”

Stella – Indonesia:

The course is pin-point and very practical. This course allows me to see Feng Shui in different way and angle.

Suntoro – Indonesia:

“Simple & very applicable”. I can use the knowledge learnt to improve the Feng Shui of my house.

Charles – Indonesia:

“Simply Pin-point and accurate in analysing the event that happens to the occupants of the house.”