The most Unique Ladies BaZi Program – Review from our latest Graduates

Review from Participants


“The course is very systematic and informative. The trade secrets are very good tips for students.”

Mr. T:

“So interesting, It is difficult to understand at first, as the class progress, it only get easier as I got onto the track of the class. The course has benefitted me in a great way, it equip me with the skillset to analyze the ladies around me through bazi and also allowing me to prepare what to expect from them. Master Jo’s teahcing is straight forward and direct.”

Ms. R:

“Discussion session woith actual case studies and no hold taboo topics is also discussed make this course a very good one. It allows me to be more aware of my own situation. He is very casual and open, willingness to answer all questions.”


“Very clear, structured and straight to the point. After the course, I am able to confidently make assessment to bazi relationship issues (esp, for women). Master Jo is very patient, clear and structured in his delivery of the subject. Easy to understand & follow and he shares valuable knowledge & experience.”

Alena Himbitskaya, Ukraine:

“Everything was good and it has increased my bazi knowledge and abilities.”


“Interactive, student willing to share real case studies and provide more insight outside of the course syllabus. It provided me with additional layer of reading for BaZi. Master Jo is a very patient teacher.”

Melvin D. Sua, Philippines:

“The focus on ladies’ life & marriage quality is really good. It has benefitted me alot, especially it builds up from previous learning of BaZi Semi-Pro & Master Practitioner. Also this course reinforces previous concepts.”