“Differentiation of the Real Numerology” – Reviews from participants of Numerology Semi-Pro Course by Jacqueline Ng

Review from Students

Erwin Yap, Indonesia:

“Many logical methods than what I learned from others. This course allow me to differentiate the real numerology and I like her pace of teaching.”

Elin Tang, Malaysia:

“This Semi-Pro course allows me to know the current year, I am standing and the coming year will bring for me, and I am aware of my own weakness from my own numbers and can do planning for next year. The course is very good and Jacqueline teaches the pure numerology.”

Philip Ho:

“Course delivery is easily digestible and logical. Reading of cards energize the class throughout. The course provides a quick way to size up someone, especially during networking session. Jac’s teaching style is direct, well-paced and interactive. She is very knowledgable and enthusiastic and passionate about numerology.”

Alex Chan:

“The course is easy to understand and can be applied instantly. It provided me another perspective in personality analysis. Her teaching is straight to the point and good.”