What Went Wrong with his Qi Men Dun Jia? – Reviews from our latest QMDJ Art of War Graduates


Review from Participants

B. Q., Malaysia:

“Simple, Easy to use, effectiveness is key.”

Mr. C:

“Relaxed pace of teaching, practical application and numerous case studies shared in class make the learning experience a holistic one.”

Wong Chee Keong:

“The uniqueness of this course is the ability to build energy and apply it with the right direction before going for my desired activities. The Feng Shui Date Selection using the QMDJ software is another takeaway for me. Master Jo’s teaching is straight forward and easy to understand.”

Ms. W:

“What I like most about this course is the ability to choose my own date as well as seeing the phenomenon. After attending this course, I am more confident to pursue/choose date for important event. Master Jo is very clear to his point, a patient teacher who answers all of our questions.”

Ryan Tang:

“The knowledge is distilled into concepts that is easy to grasp. The practical application of art of war, which could be used in every day life in negotiation, meeting, exam, etc. Master Jo is every engaging with students, students can ask him any questions and he would explain concepts clearly.”

Alena Himbitskaya, Ukraine:

“The course is very informative. It gives me more confidence to use to select date for my clients and for my daily jobs. We covered all materials and got the chance to experience how to practice and how to efficiently use this knowledge immediately after the class.”

Roland Tai:

“Application of QMDJ is the biggest take away for me. The course is very good. Master Jo teaches in a very relaxing way. Very knowledgeable in the area of QMDJ, Feng Shui, etc.”

Mr. L:

“The course is practical and it is not being too theoretical based. I can apply what i learn in class immediately after the 3 days.”

Cai Wenchuan:

“The course materials and software is awesome. Small class size is good for teacher to student ratio. In addition, Master Jo also caters ample time for student to ask questions and clear any doubts that we have. The information shared in class is beneficial to daily life and the date selection is good to implement and calculate activities in advance. Master is straight forward and present concepts in simple way that is easy to understand.”

Marilyn Lo, Philippines:

“This course is useful for my present situation, to handle bank settlement and the implications that may arise for the case. I can confidently used it to help myself.”