Xuan Kong Da Gua & Auspicious 3-Killings Date Selection Program – Reviews from Participants

Review from Participants

Raymond Kua:

“Learning about basics and trade secrets of XKDG. I like the free question & answer environment, where we benefit from learning among ourselves. Jo also patiently answer all our questions.”

Charles, Indonesia:

“The course is very practical and useable.”

Christopher Lai, Australia:

“My greatest take-away is the San Yuan San Sha Application & Personalisation of date selection for Feng Shui Purpose.”

Dr. Anna Zarasyan, Australia:

“The complex system is made simple to understand and apply. My take-away will be how to use auspicious 3 killing. The teaching style is easy going, relaxing and positive, which I like very much.”

Bernard Chan:

“The thing I like most about this course is it provide me with another alternate date selection system. A very good date selection system that increases my confidence in selecting a good date for all feng shui and important activities. Master Jo is very generous in sharing & imparting his knowledge to the students. He always simplify and make it easy for student to understand.”

Suntoro, Indonesia:

“Now I know about the advanced date selection system. It will help in my practice of Feng Shui in my daily life. The teaching is clear, simple, straight forward. I like it.”

Erwin Yap, Indonesia:

“The course is clear cut without losing the important foundation. A refreshing course to remind me of the essentials. The teaching style is always good & precise.”