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What’s in your Bazi to marry a Jerk?

To assess the quality of marriage in totality, I always tell students that there are few aspects to look at:

i. The spouse star + its location
ii. The spouse palace
iii. The type of clashes or punishment
iv. The type of 10-god inside the palace

In my entire career of BaZi reading on spousal issues, i can easily categorise and grade my clients’ situations into the following types.

A. Loving and capable husband; and wife happily married
B. Responsible and loving husband but not as capable as what the wife expects.
C. Capable and well-off husband but neglect the wife
D. View the husband as a jerk who lives off her income, neglect the family and financially unstable.

In order to find out which category one belongs to (also applicable to guys), you will need to angle your bazi reading to holistically factor in spouse star and spouse palace.

You can have situations in bazi like:

1. positive spouse star & positive spouse palace
2. Positive spouse star but negative spouse palace
3. Negative spouse star but positive spouse palace
4. Both spouse star and spouse palace are negative
5. Either no spouse star or too many of them

Only with such layering of analysis, it makes u see your bazi better and more objectively. This has always been my approach in teaching bazi. Our system does not stereotype people who belong to certain daymaster or to view certain issue purely from one dimension.

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