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4 January 2013 was regarded as a memorable date for couples to tie the nuptial knot as reported by the news. If you read the numbers in Chinese, it sounds like Ai Ni Yi Sheng Yi Shi or Love You Forever when translated in English.

While it seems like a good reason for couples to choose to get married on this day, is it also considered as an auspicious day from the perspective of Chinese astrology?

Let us take a look at the Ba Zi (astrology chart) for this date.


If you check the Tong Shu or Chinese Almanac, the day is classified as a Po Ri or Destructive Day and based on traditional date selection classic, it is recorded as unsuitable for wedding and engagement due to the unsentimental energy. To top it off, there is no powerful auspicious star to neutralize the effect. As a result, not many feng shui masters would want to recommend such a date for major event like this – fearing that the destructive energy will have repercussion on the future of the couple.

What if the couple insists on getting wed on this day?

One way to circumvent the situation is to pick a specific timing of that day to conduct the tea ceremony or ROM so that the particular hour selected contains very good stars to nullify the bad energies. In addition, the couple is advisable to enter the groom’s home or Registry of Marriage from a calculated direction to receive the desired energies meant for joyful event. Such method, known as Qi Men Dun Jia, has been used for such endeavor besides the original use for military strategy