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How much can a (part time) Feng Shui Master make?


When I ask Google the question recently, the reply appears as follow:

A full-time consultant can plan to make $20,000 to $60,000 per year, while a celebrity feng shui consultant could make up to $250,000 per year.”

I must say the figure is on the conservative side.

Frankly, there is no standard benchmark like engineer or accountant since the profession itself is not a salaried job.

Most of the time, Feng Shui Masters (FSM) are self-employed or what I call fengshui-preneurs. Most of them I know started out as a side-line while they are holding on to a day job.

After a while, when their part time feng shui gigs pick up, they quit their job and turn full-time. Of course, for those who are able to cope, and haven’t gotten sick of their corporate life (or still feel jittery about leaving a stable job), they continue with the status quo.

On the other hand, there are those who look forward to becoming their own boss, who strongly believe in the idea of “reward will equate effort”, and who sincerely wish to scale their destiny path to a greater height, I would say to them the sky is the limit.

So, just imagine that you have completed your rigorous feng shui training programs (Feng Shui, Ba Zi and even Qi Men Dun Jia) you start to market yourself to your friends and on social media platforms about your services.

For a start, you get a feng shui job a month and after a couple of months, with your good marketing skill and sound feng shui skill, this becomes 1 job per week.

Let’s say you just charge a modest fee of $888, that will be at least $3500 a month adding on to your monthly salary income – while you are still holding on to your day job.

Very soon, you will realise people also go to you for Bazi consults, wedding date selection, corporate talks and etc. All these services are going to easily bring your income to close to $10k per month – and we are only talking about 2 HDB feng shui jobs per week.

Not forgetting that there are people who will eventually hire you for their upmarket condominiums, office feng shui, and even landed houses.

Frankly, to many people, especially if you do not rise up to certain rank and position in the company, this income level of $10k is not easily achievable.

When you realise the money you earn from part time feng shui jobs far exceeds your day job, it may be time for you to fire your slave-driving boss. 😛


There is a part 2 on this topic but I will want to disclose the privy information to our students who are very soon going to join our Urban City Feng Shui Course next Friday (11 to 13 March 2022).  

I will use a little bit of time during the class to discuss the 4 major feng shui business models in today’s context.

Important Questions:

  1. Should I publish books? What are the pros and cons?
  2. Should I sell feng shui products? Is it lucrative? What is the profit margin?
  3. Which feng shui business model(s) is the fastest way to become a millionaire? (You will be surprised it is not what you think.)
  4. What are the unspoken rules that FSMs must observe in order not to get karmic backlash?
  5. How much should I charge as a newly minted FSM for my services and talks?
  6. This “one marketing strategy” to avoid at all cost.

And the easy steps to kick start your feng shui business.

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