Auspicious Bazi Selection for Baby

Have you ever wished that your child will excel in sport or music? Or have you wanted your child to be a successful lawyer, doctor, engineer or even business person? As parents, we want our child to excel, or at least smooth-sailing, in most areas especially:

  • Academic (able to graduate with a good degree from prestigious university)
  • Career (be successful in their professional pursuit)
  • Marriage (marries a supportive wife or a loving husband)

In addition, we also hope that they are healthy, filial and righteous.

Master Jo Ching, who has done many cases for parents who planned for C-section birth, goes through a rigorous and detailed Bazi (destiny chart) selection process so that your baby is bestowed with a good Bazi the moment he or she is born. An expert also in Western and Vedic Astrology, he will further fine tune the birth time into a 15-minute time frame for the baby to be delivered so that the baby has the best-of-the-best destiny chart within the normal 2-hour Bazi time frame.

During the process of calculation, we will ensure that the baby’s Bazidoes not clash with its parents and siblings. .

Remember, the destiny of your child lies in your hand.

All consults are by appointments and please email our Master at academy@destinyasia.com.sg.


Please see the following flow chart on the procedure.