Qi Men Luck Creation

During ancient time, Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) was an exclusive art of war used by the emperor’s military strategist during war time to gain an upper hand or even to conquer the enemies based on both astronomical and astrological calculations. Famous names like Zhu Ge Liang and Liu Bo Wen were said to use this to help their country grow and prosper.

In today’s context, we use this very often in daily events like:

  • Job interview
  • Scoring in Examinations
  • Court Case
  • Sales Pitch
  • Seeking Medical Treatment
  • Negotiation on Contracts
  • Collecting Outstanding Payments from Debtor
  • Marriage or Love Proposal
  • Convincing Difficult Client
  • Meeting Angel Investor
  • Games and Competitions
  • Opening Ceremony

The objective here is to make sure that you are blessed with positive energies before you proceed with the task. Master Jo will usher in the luck for you and at the same time reduce all the negativities so that the outcome is in your favour!

What you need to do is just inform Master Jo on the time and venue of the event and he will advise you on what are the steps to undertake. You are not required to buy any items, burn talisman or perform any prayer.

All consults are by appointments and please email our Master at academy@destinyasia.com.sg.

You are also welcome to SMS or call Master Jo Ching at +65-97982675 if you have urgent request.