Wedding Date Selection

Congratulations! The journey of your blissful marriage begins here.

The purpose of date selection is for the person who is carrying out certain activity to do the right thing at the right place at the right time (天时地利人和). It is important if we want to maximize the benefits and enjoy the long lasting effects of important activities such as wedding tea ceremony and signing the marriage certificate or fondly known as ROM here in Singapore.

The Tong Shu (通书) or Chinese Almanac is only meant for very general usage only. A really good date for wedding activity should be personalized to the person(s) who are involved in the activity. This will ensure that the presence of the energy during that time has a positive influence on the couple’s marriage, their future children luck as well as their relationship with the in-laws.

Master Jo Ching, an expert in auspicious date selection systems, has been interviewed on several occasions by Straits Time Razor TV on the significance of some special dates for marriage such as 11.11.11. While such date is a very memorable one, it may not be suitable for people who are born in the year of specific animal sign.

If you are now looking for auspicious dates to plan for your wedding events, do consult us to find out which is the best hour to use in this day.

You can also click the link here to find out what does our Save-the-Date Package comprise.

All consults are by appointments and please email our Wedding Date Expert, Senior Consultant, Mr Chen Hong Shen at academy@destinyasia.com.sgfor any enquiries.

Please see the following flow chart on the procedure.