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Blink – that Guided Intuition

(NB: This article was first published on 13 December 2009 by Jo Ching)

Got a request to select a flat yesterday. Usually, before I step out of my house for such assignment, I will open up the bazi chart of that day, at that moment to cast a divination. Well, the star in the palace representing the house was not positive. In addition, there was a punishment. Blink.
When come to house selection, I am always more kiasi (Singapore lingo) or cautious. Anything that compromises on the heath aspect is a no-no. My client is already predisposed to certain health condition relating to woman. So, I must ensure that the house does not aggravate her condition. Instead, the energy should heal her.
When the elevator door opened, a lady greeted us. She was limping. Yes, she just injured her ankle and was bandaged. Hmm, not so good sign. Blink.
[If you look at the flying stars chart, you will know why she injured her ankle. The Tai Sui has triggered the 8 4. Come next year, the son would suffer.]
I took out the luo pan, checked the sitting and immediately plot out the chart. It is a Period 6, South (Bing) facing house. See the layout below. Main door combo is a no-no. My client and her family, the outgoing tenant and property agent were eager to know the answer. The agent seemed to be praying for a YES.
Bedok Layout
The whole process took me 15 minutes the most. We then wrapped up everything and adjourned to the nearby coffee shop for the famous duck rice stall…
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