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BaZi Master Practitioner


- by Master JO CHING



  • "Recognizing the strength of the DM and the personalities analysis. Yes, helps me in my BaZi analysis. Explanation is clear and easy to understand."
    Ivy Chit, Singapore
  • "It clears up my doubts about different kind of chart, more confident to decide a chart. I am able to build my confident to read charts, Clear Crisp and precise."
    Wong Swee Chiong, Singapore
  • "Very practical and interactive. Enhance my interpretation. Very clear explanation."
    Edwin Ti, Singapore
  • "Knowledge shared generously. Lots of life examples. BaZi Divination and shifting palace method no ambiguity in determining between strong and weak DM. Very profound and willing to share."
    Lim Keng Hock, Singapore
  • "That it is technical and explores more interesting aspects about BaZi. Yes it would be the way to decipher the DD/7K star. I think it is presented in a very authentic way and interactive."
    Eanne Tan, Singapore
  • "I learn how to determine the strength of DM and the trick in analysing 10 gods to understand people's personality behaviour. Hardworking people, lazy people, cunning vs steady. Yes Very logical way of analyzing BaZi. No nonsense approach. I feel confident in analyzing charts now. Very patience and generous with his knowledge and experience."
    Zenon Ng, Singapore
  • "Practical to concise. Yes will be able to apply knowledge learn. Approachable, practical, concise."
    Sik Wee Teng, Singapore
  • "Open sharing session. Yes Able to read bazi more effectively, Effective, straight to point."
    Kua Joo Siang, Raymond, Singapore
  • "Direct and straight to the point, well supported by logic & empirical examples. After the course, participants are able to provide multi-layered BaZi analysis."
    Daniel Lim, Singapore
  • "Master Jo is vey generous to impart more than the course topic, students are able to bring back fruitful knowledge & able to decode a chart without much difficulties."
    Bernard Chan, Singapore


In our BaZi Master Practitioner Level, we aim to help you to scale to a new height and breakthrough in your Bazi 3Ps, that is, Prediction, Personalities Analyses & Practical Application. You will learn how to predict when certain major events will take place. You will learn the proper way of analyzing how 10-Year Luck Cycle interacts with Natal Chart; how Annual Luck interacts with Natal Chart and Luck Cycle. You will also learn a special Taiwanese method of Qi Flow system that equips you with the knowhow to predict events down to the month and week.
1 Day
  • Breakthrough Knowledge in your BaZi Analysis
  • The Ultimate Formula for Deciding the Strength of Day Master (TRADE SECRET)
  • Differentiating Fake Vibrant or Fake Follower from Pure
  • The Additional Dimensions of the 4 Pillars and Individual Palace
  • More Meanings of Combinations, Clashes, Harms, Destruction and Punishments
  • Deeper Analyses of 10 Gods and Meanings on Abesence of 10 Gods in BaZi
  • Death and Emptiness Stars (in conjunction with 10 Gods)
2 Day
  • Fan Yin Fu Yin (implications on different pillars)
  • Analysis of Wealth Capacity based on Useful God
  • Career Selection based on Useful God
  • Reading Marriage & Spouse Quality from own Bazi
  • Predicting Children's Behaviour and Affinity from own Bazi
  • Personalities Analysis – How to know if someone is:
  • Confident
  • Stubborn
  • Flirtatious
  • Optimistic or Pessimistic
  • Loyal
  • Hardworking or Lazy
  • Superstitious
  • Shrewd or Cunning /Conman
  • Greedy
  • Honest or Dishonest
  • Gambler
  • Thrifty or Spendthrift
  • Unhealthy
  • Patient
  • Quick Temper
  • Petty
3 Day
  • Luck Cycle and Yearly Luck Prediction for:
  • Meeting your Boyfriend or Girlfriend
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Making or Losing Money
  • Starting of new Business Venture
  • Promotion or Change of work environment
  • Accident
  • Having Baby
  • Good Investment
  • Compatibility Reading between Couple or Partners
  • How to look for Helpful People? [贵人]
  • Master Jo Ching's Real Life Case Studies + Yours!
  •        What is Useful God? What is yours? How to decide?
  •        Why do you always end up with incapable husband or boyfriend or jerk?
  •        How to analyse about divorce and time of happening?
  •        When will your Romance Luck and Wealth Luck arriving?
  •        Should you climb corporate ladder or better off as self-employed?
  •        What does it mean when ladies have no husband star in the BaZi Chart?
  •        What happen when a lady has both husband and boyfriend stars revealed on heavenly stems?
  •        About the meaning of Fan Yin and Fu Yin on various pillars?
  •        How do you tell if someone is Cunning or Dishonest from his chart and hence avoid entering into a Partnership with him or her?
  •        How do you know if your child is filial or rebellious by looking at your own BaZi?
  •        What serious illness do Ox and Goat branches in the chart imply?
  •        The Richest people on Earth are weak DayMasters and their wealth stars are negative? So what makes them rich?
  •        How to analyze compatibility between couple, partner and friends?
  •        Under what condition does Direct Officer or 7 Killing star turn from good to bad?
  •        Weak BaZi can have positive DO and 7K?
What's so special
this course?

Learn the Taiwanese System of Qi Flow method to predict events down to monthly luck cycle.

In-depth profiling of individual personality

Compatibility analysis for romance, business, partnership and Coworkers.