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- by Master JO CHING



  • "Course is very informative, educational. Worth so much more especially when compared with other course example Mr Yap. It can used for selection of staff, realizing my life potential, knowing career industries, finding out about someone in the stated time possible. The best way is always the most direct way. No nonsense style is highly beneficial."
    James Yang, Singapore
  • "Course has given me deeper insight of life. Master Jo has explained the topic well and make it easy to understand."
    Ong Yue Ghim, Singapore
  • "Course is easy to understand when it is done in a few sessions. Class makes use of real life BaZi Chart. Master Jo is friendly and easy to understand."
    Ho Jong Boo, Singapore
  • "Good sharing of real life Case Studies, good personal & consultative approach by Master Jo."
    Tan Kok Beng, Singapore
  • "The course is structured in a way that is straight forward, easy to apply and participants can apply and do reading immediately."
    Tong Mun Kit, Singapore
  • "Course is well presented and equipped with lots of real life cases. Master Jo Ching is knowledgeable and willing to impart his skills and share his personal experience with the class. The course allows participants to see BaZi in a different perspective that allows you to breakthrough from your current BaZi knowledge."
    Terence Ng, Singapore
  • "Course is interactive and participants can volunteer charts that they have for learning and discussion purpose."
    Raul Villanueva, Philippines
  • "Comprehensive course that is easy to understand, give confidence to my personal reading. Master Jo is sincere and patient and he is more than willing to share what he knows."
    Jene Hee, Singapore
  • "Clear cut formulas to determine Day Master Strength and Authority Star that is very widely debated or confused in the industry. Master Jo gives good guidance on techniques needed for reading and clarifies any misconceptions well."
    Lo Kai Jie, Singapore
  • "Great explanation about Day Master and step-by-step way to determine the strength of the BaZi Chart by Master Jo Ching. Participants are able to understand and apply what has been taught in class with ease."
    Budy Santosa, Indonesia


BaZi or 4 Pillars of Destiny is a highly sophisticated Chinese Astrology System developed for Destiny Calculation. In our 2-day BaZi Semi-Pro Course, you will learn to discover yourself and your destiny path in aspects like career, wealth capacity, marriage and hidden talents. This course is meant for enthusiasts who have little basics or no knowledge of BaZi and would like to learn how to be able to fortune-tell or predict their future based on your timing of birth. The topics will cover in depth fundamentals like the meaning of clash, combo, harm, punishment, hidden combo and 10 Gods. You will walk away with practical knowledge like knowing if you have luck to do business, personality of spouse that you will marry, suitable career path and boss luck.
  • Important Fundamentals
  • Yin and Yang Concept
  • 5 Elements and their Intrinsic Characteristics [五行]
  • 10 Heavenly Stems and their Symbolisation [天干]
  • 12 Earthly Branches, The 4 Peach Blossoms, Stables, Graveyard Stars [地支]
  • 60 Types of Pillar [60 甲子]
  • Anatomy of BaZi Chart
  • Understanding Solar and Lunar Calendar Systems [阳历阴历]
  • Understanding our Planetary System for Chinese Astrology
  • Understanding 24 Seasons and Qi [二十四节气]
  • How to use 10,000 Year Calendar [万年历]
  • How to Erect Year, Month, Day and Hour Pillars [四柱]
  • How to Erect 10-Year Luck Cycle [大运]
  • Inter-Elemental Relationships within Your BaZi
  • Understanding the Different Palaces and the Meanings [八宫]
  • Identifying the Meanings of:
  • i. Combinations and Clashes of Heavenly Stems [天干合克]
  • ii. Seasonal and Three Combinations of Earthly Branches [三会三合]
  • iii. 6 Combinations of Earthly Branches [六合]
  • iv. Clashes, Harms and Destructions of Earthly Branches [冲害破]
  • v. Punishment (Ungrateful/Bullying/Uncivilised/Self) [刑]
  • How to Analyse Own BaZi
  • Identifying Strength of DayMaster (Strong/Weak)[强弱]
  • The Formula to Determine the Strength [得令得地得势]
  • Identifying Positive and Negative Elements in your Bazi
  • Concept of 10-God [十神]
  • Basic Attributes of each God
  • Special BaZi Structure (Follower and Vibrant Chart)
  • What is so special about such People's Chart?
  • Different way of addressing the Favourable elements
  • Analysis of Wealth/Marriage/Children/Career plus Case Studies
  •        Rich people are not always strong Day Master?
  •        When does a chart become a follower and when it is not?
  •        The subtle difference between weak and fake follower BaZi?
  •        How to read the strength of Day Master born in earth month. How do you know it is really earth month and not born in season?
  •        Do earthly branches carry more weights than Heavenly Stems? Then why do most of the important classics like Qiong Tong Bao Jian and Di Tian Sui talk about stems if it is not important?
  •        Can my BaZi turn from weak to strong because of the Luck Cycle?
  •        Why some people have no wealth star in BaZi and yet they are millionaire?
  •        What is a Vibrant Chart? What's the difference between Vibrant and Strong Chart?
  •        Why is Direct Officer and 7 Killing Stars a double headed snake?
  •        Direct Officer and 7 Killing Stats can turn from positive element to a negative element depending on your Luck Cycle?
What's so special
this course?

Consistent and systematic way of determining strength of Day Master

No ambiguity in determining favourable ten gods and wealth luck cycle in your BaZi 

Special method in determining a person's boss and career luck 

Accurate methodology of classifying quality of spouse and marriage luck