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    King Wen I Ching Divination


    - by Master JO CHING

    Our King Wen's I Ching Divination Graduates


    • “This course is detailed and practical. The divination methodology imparted is in a concise manner which make it systematic and structured. Master Jo Ching interact with students and keep the subject interesting and alive”
      Soh Thiam Seng, Singapore
    • ”Clear explanation & easy steps to follow for doing a divination.”
      Kitti Ongcunarak, Thailand
    • “Many examples were shared and discussed. This course allows me to do a divination before making major decisions. Master Jo is very patient and knowledgeable.”
      Matthew Lim, Singapore
    • “I like the part where we are able to intermarry Feng Shui and QMDJ into this King Wen Yijing Divination Course. This opens up another dimension of chinese metaphysics for me. In addition, I also like how Master Jo emphasize on building the necessary foundation and procedure for doing a divination.”
      Eanne Tan, Singapore
    • “This course is interesting and case studies are well presented. The method taught are practical and can be applied to real life situations. Master Jo is patient and willing to share his knowledge to the students.”
      Terence Ng, Singapore
    • ”This course is methodical and systematic. My biggest takeaway for this course would be the Feng Shui Prediction- very useful for people before going down to view the unit for validation. Plus, this divination method also will help in my decision making.”
      Tong Mun Kit, Singapore
    • ”A step-by-step analysis of the king wen system was explain in details to all in class.”
      Simon Lim, Singapore
    • “Interesting Course, I didn’t know Yi Jing divination can be applied to so many topics. After this course, I am able to understand the concept. Master Jo teaching style is very direct, detailed and clear. Have greatly benefited from it.”
      Marilyn, Singapore


    What do you get if you marry BaZi with Yi Jing Hexagrams? The answer is King Wen Yi Jing Divination.

    Yi Jing is the millennia-old system of divination, which is akin to asking the heaven for an answer. You do not need to roast the turtle shell over fire to read and predict events from the crack lines. In fact, the oracle system relies on a tortoise shell and 3 ancient Chinese coins to help you divine an outcome of an event.

    To build in more layers of information for better insights and accurate analysis, the famous King Wen enhanced the system by inserting heavenly stem and earthly branch into each and every line or yao. Incorporating the Zi Ping BaZi concepts, every single yao is represented by one of the 5 elements and a kinship is also attached to the yao. One can find Authority, Wealth, Friend, Children and Resource yao present in one hexagram.

    In this 2-Day program, participants will definitely acquire the complete skillset of performing a divination from the erection of a King Wen Yi Jing hexagram using the coins to analysing and forecasting the outcome of an issue. In the class, Master Jo Ching will provide close guidance and bring the participants through some of the important questions and scenarios that people often encounter, such as:

    • I am going to start a business, will it be profitable?
    • Can I have a successful business partnership with him?
    • I have lost my documents, can I find it back?
    • Will I pass my job interview?
    • Will I pass my exam in school?
    • How is my mother’s health?
    • Will I be having a baby girl or boy?
    • How is my wealth luck for the next 6 months?
    • Will I be able to sell my house?
    • How is my house feng shui?
    • Will I divorce my wife?
    • Can I be together with him?
    • Does she like me?
    • When will she pay me back my money?
    • Who will win the match?
    • Is the person still alive?
    • Is she pregnant?
    • Is my house haunted?
    • Who steals my thing?

    All participants are required to have basic BaZi knowledge including the concept of 10-God before they can attend this class.

    1 Day
    • Fundamentals
    • An overview of historical development of Yi Jing & King’s Wen Divination
    • 8 Trigrams and evolution of 64 Hexagrams
    • Anatomy of Hexagram and Hexagrams Families
    • Methodology
    • How to cast a divination using Tortoise shell and coins
    • How to frame the question properly as the Diviner
    • Erecting the King’s Wen Hexagram
    • Concept of Jing Fang Na Jia
    • How to insert Heaven Stems and Earth Branches into every Yao
    • Concept of Kinship
    • How to insert Kinship into various Yao
    • Concept of 6 Deities
    • How to insert Deity into various Yao
    • What is Original versus Transformed Hexagram
    • Important Concepts for Analyses
    • How to determine Reference Point in the King’s Wen Hexagram
    • Useful God / Supportive God / Countering God / Forward God / Decline God
    • God of Conceal
    • Interaction between Bazi Month & Day Pillars with King’s Wen Hexagram
    • Application of Enter Graveyard / Silent Clash / Fan Yin Fu Yin of Yao
    • Functions of Shen Sha in Hexagram
    • Death and Emptiness
    • Noble Man
    • Travel Horse
    • Peach Blossom
    • Illness Star
    • Calamity Sha
    • General Star, etc.
    2 Day
    • Ask Yi Jing on the following
    • Romance and Relationship
    • Career and Promotion
    • Pregnancy
    • Competition
    • Legal Issues
    • Health and Sickness
    • Loss of Item
    • Feng Shui of house
    • Money luck for short term
    • Business and Profitability
    • Etc.
    • “How do you know?” Poems [何知歌诀]
    • Discussion on interesting pointers.
    • Practical and Application
    • All participants will be given a set of tortoise shell and coins for practice.
    DO YOU KNOW...
    •        Yi Jing can tell you whether the business partnership is successful.
    •        You can ask Yi Jing id this new business venture is profitable and lucrative.
    •        Yi Jing can check for you if you can recover a lost document.
    •        You can ask Yi Jing whether you will get the job.
    •        You can ask Yi Jing whether you will pass your exam.
    •        Yi Jing can help you forecast your mother's health condition in the near future.
    •        Yi Jing can tell you your wealth luck for the next 6 months.
    •        Yi Jing will tell you when you can sell your house.
    •        Yi Jing can diagnose your house feng shui without a site visit.
    •        Yi Jing can tell you if he or she likes you too.
    •        Yi Jing can forecast the result of a soccer game.
    •        Yi Jing can predict whether it is a baby boy or girl that you are giving birth to.
    •        Yi Jing knows who steal your thing.
    What's so special
    this course?

    You will learn how to use Tortoise shell and coins to do an accurate divination.

    Simplified and systematic approach in using Yi Jing to help you ask about an outcome of an issue.

    Do away with the hassle to memorize names and meanings of all 64 Hexagrams.

    King Wen Yi Jing Divination is a more guided and yet powerful forecasting tool for beginners.

    Lots of Case Studies and hands-on practical moments for you to master it.