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- by Master JO CHING

Our Xuan Kong Liu Fa CourseGraduates


  • “Straightforward information on interpretation, simpler than other commercial books in the market. No need background on business or Feng Shui to understand. Pimple appearance is quite accurate. Able to verify and Bazi reading as well. Master Jo is engaging.”
    Tan Chun Keong, Singapore
  • “Course has many details are not known before like skin colour. Profiling is also fast for identifying. Master Jo is straightforward and clear.”
    Catherine Lim, Singapore
  • “I like the examples of people’s faces. Yes, the course will help me know who to cooperate with and who can work with you. Understand the type of personality. Good and direct to the point.”
    Matthew Lim, Singapore
  • “Less is more, quick and easy wins for practical application and clarity. Master Jo is simple, easy and humble, this will help to connect with students well.”
    Sam Tan, Singapore
  • “A great help to assess a person character through face reading. Knowledge that cannot be found in books. Organise the complicated subject into a few macro parts for easy memory.”
    Bernard Chan, Singapore
  • “The simplicity, clear and illustrated pictures that accompany with the explanations makes the understanding much easier. The course helps me to do a quick assessment of the person. Master Jo is clear, concise and helpful.”
    Joey Tng, Singapore
  • “The course covers all part of the face. It helps me understand more people around from the first view. It is very easy to understand.”
    Anzhela Alexeera
  • “Interesting and wonderful course. Thank you Master Jo for always sharing his knowledge generously! Information can be used in everyday life. It is precise, simple and easy to understand.”
    Catherine Tay, Singapore
  • “I like all. It is an eye opener to me. I would recommend my friends for this course. Master Jo’s teaching is very good. “
    Ho Jin Jeung, Singapore
  • “Course is very practical and easy to learn. Situations mentioned are very real life and can relate to. Direct and simple with good examples.”
    H. Koh, Singapore
  • “One of the take-away is about choosing the right partner. Help to choose the right domestic helper/ subordinate. Master Jo is systematic, brief and good.”
    Serene, Singapore
  • “Course is simple to understand. I am able to read and understand the characters’ of people. Master Jo is good and clear.”
    Shirley Heng, Singapore


Xuan Kong Liu Fa or also known as Xuan Kong 6 Methodologies was once a mysterious feng shui system that was strongly advocated by the late renowned Grandmaster Tan Yang Wu (淡養吾). In 1929, Tan met a taoist by the name of Li Qian Xu (李虔虛道長), who later imparted Xuan Kong Liu Fa to him. What surprised many people after that was that Tan published on newspaper in March 1930 to make a public apology to his students that the Xuan Kong system which he had been teaching or had written books on, was not correct. He acknowledged that Xuan Kong Liu Fa was the authentic Xuan Kong Feng Shui and discarded the Flying Stars Feng Shui which he had been practising for years. Today, only a handful of practitioners have learnt about Liu Fa but few have complete set of knowledge – let alone practical application. Master Jo Ching has the privilege to receive blessings and endorsement from Master Lin Zhi Ying, who is the authority of Xuan Kong Liu Fa in Taiwan, to conduct this program in any part of the world. He will be revealing and teaching all including the secrets that were not mentioned in Lin’s book.
1 Day
  • Xuan Kong [玄空]
  • Heaven and Earth Luck
  • 2 Cycles 8 Periods
  • Discussion on Classics Qing Nang Xu
  • Ci Xiong [雌雄]
  • How do houses Na Qi from Urban landform?
  • The secret of Qi flow with reference to road junctions, adjacent buildings, elevators and etc
2 Day
  • Golden Dragon [金龙]
  • Calculation of Mountain and Water Luck
  • Liu Fa's Ling Shen and Zhen Shen Calculation
  • Diagnosing Feng Shui quality of House using Golden Dragon
  • Leaning Stars [挨星诀]
  • Extract Yao Change Image of 24 Mountains
  • San Ban Gua / River East River West Gua / North South Gua
  • Application based on Classic Qing Nang Ao Yu
  • Castle Gate [城门诀]
  • Objective of Castle Gate?
  • How to design tombstone or house facing based on CG?
  • Water and Mountain Dragon Principles 卐 字诀
3 Day
  • Tai Sui [太岁法]
  • Formula for determining event of happening in which year
  • Earthly Branch and Heavenly Stem Formula
  • Real Case Studies and Illustrations on Application
  • Landed House
  • HDB / Condo
  • Eateries / Office / Factory / Retail
  •        This is a rarely taught and very sought-after Feng Shui System in Taiwan, Hong Kong & China?
  •        This Feng Shui System uses occupant's location in the house as a reference point instead of using the house as the reference point?
  •        You do not need to determine the facing direction of the property as well as the construction completion date to audit the Feng Shui?
  •        Xuan Kong Liu Fa provides very good solution for tight and constraint space like HDB, Condo and Office?
  •        It is a powerful system that allows you to have a quick size-up on the Feng Shui of shops, malls, houses in urban city area even without Luo Pan?
  •        This system is designed for both Yin and Yang Feng Shui use?
  •         We are entering Period 9 in 2017 and Liu Fa will help us to identify which property is good to buy and stay for next 27 years just by knowing location of main door?
  •        In Xuan Kong Liu Fa, what are the 6 methodologies?
  •        T-Junction can be used as a tool to usher in quick money luck?
  •        Liu Fa is able to predict when certain event is going to take place?
What's so special
this course?

Endorsed by Renowned Taiwanese Master, Lin Zhi Ying (林志縈) who is the current authority in Xuan Kong Liu Fa.

A highly sought-after Authentic Feng Shui System by Practitioners in Taiwan, Hong Kong & China.

Easy to use and effective without the need to determine or define the Facing of the Property, or construction or move-in date of the property.

This system is designed for both Yin and Yang Feng Shui use and it is a powerful system that allows you to have a quick size-up on the Feng Shui of shops, malls, houses in urban city area even without Luo Pan.